Monday, January 4, 2010

Watch Her Shine in '09

I love "Year in Review"s. I read your blogs literally every time you update but reading the whole year in one sitting... so nostalgic. I feel more intimately involved in you. I know this is cheesy to post a year that you already read. But guess, what? So I am cheesy. I'm the Cheez Whiz.

In January I finally convinced Ken to have a baby with me. He wasn't considering having a baby with someone else or anything- he just really didn't want one for a long time. His words "I'm okay not starting our family until we're 30." Yeah, I cried. And then in January his cold, cold heart melted and we agreed on having a baby. Though the stipulation was made by one of us that the baby would have to be a boy. One guess as to who said that.

February I missed my period and thought "That was fast." I took 17 pregnancy tests and was told 17 times that I was not pregnant.

March I missed my period again and my boobies started leaking milk all the time. What does THAT mean? One thing leads to another and I end up having a brain tumor. A brain tumor!Boobs to brain. I know, right? Everything works together, because we're all one piece! (Remember that song from Mr. Rogers?) Ken and I totally drain our savings paying for doctor bills and medicine that was/is ridiculously overpriced. I realize life isn't about work and vow to take more time off. (Which I lived up to quite well.) I cried a lot that month.

April. Tax season ended and I got my regular in-laws and my own life back. I cried a lot over my stupid tumor. I went to three different doctors- all of them told me no babies for me. I went to Olive Garden with Kar on her birthday. (May not seem monumental to you- but I really remember that day as a great one.)

May. Went to Cody, WY via Yellowstone. Saw my first grizzly bear. Was too scared to get out of the car. Threw up a lot and had the runs from that garsh dern medicine. Fished Henry's on opening day. I'm a natural fly fisher(wo)man. I know, is there anything I can't do? The answer, dearies, is no. I can do it all.

June. Fought (literally) with Dr. Lilenquist about proper treatment and what was best for me. Planted our garden. Mulched around the house. Got released and called back into YW as the same calling. Discovered I am a natural trap shooter. Bruised my shoulder pretty bad shooting a shot gun but I can hold my own.

July. Fly fished every weekend. Decided to wear shorts even though my legs never get tan. Frequented Rigby Lake (with Andi) either before or after fly fishing every Saturday.

August. Celebrated my birth-dee for the entire month. Had a BB-cutie. Took my first trip to Lagoon. Rode that ridiculous catapult ride. Went white water rafting with the Foster's. Discovered the community pool in Ammon. La-hoved it. It has a diving board.

September. I cried. My tumor hardly shrunk. I yelled (even louder than last time) at my doctor. I yelled at the pharmacist (They escorted me from Walgreens. I can't believe I didn't blog about that.) I yelled a lot. Ken started going back to school again which is a complete injustice. I fished closing day at Henry's Lake and had chicken strips at the Relay Station that day. I love chicken strips. I really do.

October. I changed my outlook. The whole year I had spent thinking about things I didn't want. I didn't want a tumor. I didn't want to work as much. I didn't want to quit school. I started thinking about what I DID want. Big changes. I wanted a baby. I wanted to finish school. I wanted to use all my vacation time. It was a rebirth. Ken and I celebrated Anniversary Numero Quatro in Bear Lake.

November. I found out I was knocked up. I was yet again a medical miracle. This time- a happy one. Tumors and babies are supposedly like oil and water. I ate like a pig for 2 weeks which was good, because I haven't eaten since. I've worn out the goodness of Saltines, Graham Crackers, Tea, Granola, Cereal, and Pears. Ken and I went to the City of the Trees (Boise) for Thanksgiving. I watched the dog show on TV and wished I was dead. On the 30th I had my first
appointment and saw our baby. It didn't look like a baby. It looked like a bug.

December. Santa came because I was a good girl all year. I saw my little dumpling for the second time (it looked like a baby this time)and I felt like it was a boy.

2009 was a roller coaster. Up and down and then double down and then up, up, up.

I've got some New Year Resolutions set for 2010. <-- pronounced two-thousand and ten. Not twenty-ten. Give me a break. It's a year not a price.


The Empey Fam! said...

Haha! I love you PP ! I agree twenty ten drives me batty! Looks like a rollercoaster year! Great post!

Karlenn said...

It seems to me like each of these events all happened last month. Is that weird? This year FLEW. And I kind of like saying "Twenty-ten." It's like "Nineteen ten." Did people say, "One thousand, nine hundred ten"? Nooooo. And I'm very, very pleased that you liked taking me out for my birthday. That was a memorable thing for me, too. After my anniversary, all of the moola I earn from my mom is taking us out to eat. That is MY New Year's Resolution.

Anonymous said...

Year in reviews are fun to look back at. Sorry you had such a hard year!! I probably wouldn't have handled it as well as you. I'm so glad you're pregnant! You'll be a great mom:)

I totally agree about 2010. I hate saying "twenty-ten":P