Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Conversations (Part 3 of 3)

The series draws to an end.  I guess this post would be considered the season finale.  There won't be any cliff hangers.  There most likely won't be a repeat season.  Let's just enjoy it for what it was.  Complete entertainment.

Part 3

"Calling the Pediatrician"
"Okay.  Okay."

Kole has been an excellent sleeper.  He likes to take naps.  He got that from me.  He has slept "through the night" since about the second week of his life.  I put "through the night" in quotes because apparently like 6 or 8 hours is through the night.  I want him to sleep through THROUGH the night.  Like my sister's baby, Greta, she sleeps from 6pm to 6am.  I'm not crazy about the 6am thing but at least the girl gets 12 hours in.  And my cousin, Courtney?  Her baby sleeps 7 to 7.  Kole was sleeping from 8:30 to about 5:00 and then until 8 or sometimes 9.  I liked our little schedule.  Kole?  I thought he liked it.  But about a month ago he started getting up at all kinds of ridiculous hours of the night.  I was sure something was wrong.  Why was he suddenly waking up?  Was he getting a tooth?  We are switching him onto solids... is that hurting his tumbly?  I'd go in and soothe him.  Normally nurse him back to sleep which takes like 45 SECONDS.  I just was tired and wanted to go back to sleep.  After a week, maybe 10 days, of this I realized he was getting up at the exact same minute every night.  11:48 and 4:17.  This boy was playing my card.  I was frustrated.  And confused was something really bothering him?

I called his pediatrician's office and spoke to one of the nurses.  I love his doctor and I love the nurses there.  They are really helpful and for the most part sympathetic.  It's like having a batallion of medical and experienced mothers at your disposal.

P:  Hi.  My son is six months old and he used to sleep really good, but now he wakes up at the same two times every night and I have started feeding him solid foods and then he started waking up. 
N:  Okay, okay.  How old is your son?
P:  He's a little over six months.
N: Okay, okay, and how long has he been eating solids?
P:  Umm... three weeks? About three weeks.
N:  Okay, okay... and how many times does he wake up?
P:  Twice.  At the exact same times every night.  (I was really excited... there is something wrong.  Something wrong that has an easy solution!  this nurse is going to tell me!  Yippee!  No more crying baby!)
N:  Okay, okay, and do you go in there when he wakes up?
P:  Yes.
N:  Okay, okay, and what do you do?
P:  I pick him up and hold him and try to make him go back to sleep.
N:  Okay, okay... do you nurse him?
P:  Most of the time.  It's just the easiest way.
N:  Oh, absolutely!  Right.  Okay, okay.  Well, I think I know what is happening.
P: What?  What is it?
N:  Well, your baby is smarter than you.
P: (Laughing) What?
N: (also laughing)  You see, your child is at an age where he knows that all he has to do is cry and you will come in and make him feel better.  So, he's smart.  And by you going in there it proves that he is smarter than you.

Her advice?  Let him cry as long as it takes.  Know that he is fine and don't go in there.  It'll take 4 nights.  And then it'll be back to all night sleep.  I knew that's what I had to do before I called.  I knew that was the only way.  But sometimes you need to hear it from a health professional.


Julia said...

This is probably the only 3 part ANYTHING that is actually entertaining the WHOLE three parts. Bravo. Okay. Okay? Okay.

Poulsen Family said...

May I add that Max wasn't always sleeping 7PM-7AM. The first few months were brutal (I don't even like to think about it)! At his four month appt. my pediatrician got serious with me and said it was time to let him cry. Christopher thought it was abusive. After Christopher chastised me relentlessly, I gave in and went back to nursing Max to sleep. At Max's six month appt. I made sure Christopher came with me and let the pediatrician tell him it was ok for Max to cry. Within a few days of letting Max cry we had him sleeping 12 hours a night.

Sorry this was a long comment.

Karlenn said...

Yet another example of the stinkers we are surrounded by. These babies are so smart. Sadie was awful about sleeping through the night. Or not being held. It was rough. Thank goodness for Babywise.

Natalie said...

And they get paid for saying that!