Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whale of a Tale, Steal of a Deal

Last week my ultra-chic and super frugal friend Nat told me that you could get diapers at Walgreens for $2.50.  TWO FIFTY!  Now I am loyal to my brand.  I am loyal to all things in my life actually.  (Interesting Patty TidBitter for ya there.)  But I have tried all the brands and I am a Pampers Girl.  I was a Coke girl before I swore that off.  But Pampers.  They just work for me.  Anyway- this incredible sale was for Walgreens brand diapers.  Ooooo.  Hesitant.  Natters assured me that they were of quality and that if I hated them I could always return them.  And at $2.50 a pack (of 40) it was worth a shot.
So- off to Walgreens with the Mega Baby in tow.  We scored 6 packs of diapers for $15.26.  That's 240 diapers.  Sa-weet.  I was so proud of myself.  Look at me.  Becoming chic and frugal like Natalie.  The feeling lasted until the following morning when I went to get Kole out of his pee-soaked bed.  The diapers couldn't hack the Kolester.  So- off to Walgreens with Mega Baby and 5 packs of diapers in tow.  I told the woman I wanted to return the diapers because they didn't work for me.  She was happy to oblige.  I told her I got them for a killer deal and that I used coupons.  No problem she assured me.  She was ringing them up and the total came to 22 something for me to get back.  She printed out the receipt and asked me to sign it.  I felt... weird.
"Hey, I didn't pay this much when I bought them."
"Well that's what the computer says."
"Right.  But I only paid like $15."
"Well the computer says you should get $22 back."
"Well that's wrong.  I only paid $15 and I'm not bringing back as many as I originally bought.  How am I getting MORE money than what I spent?"
"This is what the computer says.  Do you want to talk to a manager?"
"I don't want you to get in trouble so, yes, I would like to talk to a manager."

The manager walks over.

"Is there a problem?"
"Not really- I just want to clear something through you."  I explained the situation to him.
Guess what he says.
"The computer says you should get $22 back."
"Yes!  BUT!  I never spent $22 and I still have a pack of diapers at home.  Which MEANS that you are giving me $7 and a free pack of diapers."
"Well- the computer says $22"
"What does your mind tell you."
"I'm not sure what you want me to do here ma'am."
"Well.... if you think this is all right and fair.  I guess I'll take it."
"Yup.  You're set!  Have a great day ma'am."

So, Walgreens is running an amazing special on diapers.  You get a package for free AND they'll give you $7.  Easy as that.


Karlenn said...

Weird. It's funny - they've been really mean and grumpy to Nat and me when we've done our couponey things there. You must have good Walgreens Karma.

Karlenn said...

I meant a different Nat, BTW. :) My Nat.

Poulsen Family said...

I had that happen to me at Old Navy. I bought a shirt for $5 and they gave me back $10 when I returned it. It was also blamed on a computer glitch.
I would have to say your deal was better though. You still got to keep the diapers. Seeing as they are no good, I say sell them and make some more money :)

Natalie said...

Pat you just know how to get a really good deal. I took some back a couple days after you told me that story and it didn't work for me. I told the manager what had happened to you and he said, "that's what you get for stupid managers," I guess but who doesn't like stupid managers huh?

Chris loves Julia said...

You're my kind of girl, Patty. I like to refer to myself as a conartist at times. Unintentional, of course.

Andrea Hernandez said...

This is funny, I had a chuckle out loud on this one.