Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Not Following, Hun.

I have a cookie jar at my house.  This is because I'm a cookie muncher.  I find them to be the perfect sweet treat.  BBQ potato chips are the perfect salty treat.  Now.  Anytime me and Ken go to the store I want to get some cookies.  Ken has found this to be a most unattractive habit.  I'm not sure he thinks the buying of cookies is unattractive or the cauliflower thighs I have are unattractive.  Continuing.  Last time we were out Ken said:

"Just because there is a cookie jar doesn't mean there has to be cookies."

Pause for a dramatic effect here, please.

Uh huh.  I suppose he would also claim that just because there is an ocean doesn't mean there has to be water.  Just because there is a forest doesn't mean there has to be trees.  Just because there is traffic doesn't mean there has to be cars.  Just because there is a zoo doesn't mean there has to be animals.  I was at a loss.  Can you have a concert without fans?  Can you have laundry without dirty clothes?  Can you?  Can you?

If you have a cookie jar.  You have cookies.  Preferably DoubleStuft Oreos.


Chris loves Julia said...

Shoot. Sounds like I need a cookie jar. We NEVER have cookies in the house. So inconvenient every day when I want one.

Lyner said...

Ohhhh Double Stuffed Oreos are the best! Kyle and I lke to eat the Mint Oreos. I think having cookies in the cookie jar is a fabulous idea!

Brett and Tiffany said...

My family wishes I would stock our cookie jar with cookies! i must be related to ken. If we buy cookies at our house they don't even make it to the cookie many little mouths that want cookies. If I make cookies my family REALLY loves me, but I tend to eat way too many while at home!

Poulsen Family said...

Exactly why I don't have a cookie jar! I would constantly need to be refilling it and the reason being would most likely be me.

Andrea Hernandez said...

Um I buy Little Debbie Snack cakes every single Saturday.

Karlenn said...

Dude, if I had a cookie jar, I would probably weigh 100 more pounds than I do. For reals, ya'll. Cookies are a really bad thing for me to be around. I'm gaining weight, though, even though I don't keep cookies in the house. I can't fit into any of my jeans. Grrr.