Monday, February 14, 2011

Never-Ending, Everlasting

Ken is in Salt Lake today- but this weekend was the best Valentine's ever.

Friday we had:
It was heartshaped and covered in mushrooms, peppers, olives, and pepperoni.  I love pizza and Ken love me.  It was magical.

And watched:

I never knew Sean Connery was such a babe!  Hottie alert.  Big time.  When I heard that Sean Connery had been James Bond I couldn't imagine a stocky, old, Irish man fighting for British Intelligence.  I was happily surprised and thoroughly entertained.

Saturday morning I made:
I MADE these!  Maple donuts.  Yes... the picture looks fantatic.  I'm a bit of a closet chef I suppose.  I did overcook them and the first batch was a little dry.  But the frosting!  The nuts!  I think I ate 4?  Or was it 5?

And recieved:
I've been wanting one now that I am back on the Piano BandWagon.  Learning new songs is twenty times easier when someone else is keeping the beat.  Kole can clap now but he gets tired during a 30 minute pratice session.

And gave:
Not an iPod.  Just a case.  Ken got an iPod forChristmas and has been caryring it around in it original packaging.  He takes a lot of pride in his posessions.  Even when he looks like a dorkus malorkus.  So the case should help there.
Ken loves this movie.  He laughs until he turns red and tears come out of his eyes.  I think it is so-so funny.  But whenever Ken is in need of a good laugh he always wants to rent Caddyshack.  I scored it for $3.  Enjoy honeybuns.

Around noon I:
Which was neither lovey or dovey.  But needed done.  And it wasn't that bad just doing my own.

Afterwards we dropped:
You know who-sey.

off with:
The Grandparent's Poulsen.  He likes it there.  At least he normally does when I'm there. On this particular trip he cried for an hour and a half.

And went to eat at:
I had the bloomin' onion, a sald with Ranch sans maters, and the large set of Kookaburra wings.  I bet you didn't even knowthat kookaburras HAD wings!  Well?  They do!  And they are fantastic!  Especially with some bleu cheese.

That night we watched:

Could be my all time favorite show.  I am borrowing them from Ken's dad.  Elaine is my favorite.  Then Jerry.
We didn't turn into ducks.  We cuddled.  This is the closest picture I could find.  I'm Daisy Duck and Kenner is Donald.

Sunday we:
Churched.  Nothing really finny to say there.  Just went to church.

We put our baby in the stroller and walked.  We walked for at least an hour.  It was so warm.  Really it was probably 35 maybe 40 degrees.  We held hands, we talked about our future, we were sappy sappy sappy.  It is Valentine's.
To wrap it up we watched:
This is a classic.  All these little wranglers trying to be men.  Roping cattle.  Riding horses that are way too big for them.  Spitting, cursing, getting drunk on Tennesse Sour.  It was fantastic.

Ken is me own Balemtime.  I just love him.  


Karlenn said...

Ah, I think Sean Connery was definitely the best Bond. Although I like this Daniel Craig guy quite a bit. My dad raised us on Bond movies - I have all of the theme songs memorized. Seriously. What a great V-Day weekend!! We're celebrating by... going to the Sweetheart Ball on Friday. And I think we should do a little something extra, now that I've read this. Hm. Little Koley must be going through the seperation anxiety thing now. Gage is starting to get leery of my mom, and he sees her all the time. Sad.

Andrea Hernandez said...

Haha this reminded me of those stories from the Friend magazine that are told in little cartoon icons! I loved just scrolling along looking at the pictures of your weekend together! Nice idea!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Great weekend for you and Ken! Glad you got to be together! Does he still go to Salt Lake all week and come home on the weekends? If he does, I bet you treasure your weekends!