Friday, February 4, 2011


Like that new blog header?  I do.  My sister created it.  Andi is unbelievably talented.  She started like... I dunno, An, what would you say 5? 6 years ago?  She used to make movies with her and Brad Pitt and Matt Damon.  It was a beginning.  Then she made the best vacation videos ever.  I borrow them all the time and watch them over and over and overandoverandoverandover.  She made my wedding video, Julie's wedding video, and her own. Which I cherish.  (Snippets are available on Facebook.)  Andi has skyrocketed.  She has taken classes, done her research, and boomed into a very gifted individual.  Her talent has developed beyond any one's expectations.  Andi resides in Monterry, Mexico and has recently launched her own company.  DoublClik.  She does it all!  She can make you feel and look like a million bucks.  My sister is going places and I am so proud of her.  She has the best taste in photography.  Her style is my style.  Or the style I wish I had.  She will design a blog header for you too!  It's going to run you $35.  Contact her for details and a personal consultation.  If you need proof that this woman is a genius with the camera and with graphics... look at or contact her at  And! If you are short on cash at the present.... she's running a Valentine's Promo.  That's fa-ree! 
I'm already in!  Stay tuned for what she does with me!


Andrea Hernandez said...

I remember cutting out my head and putting it on a Victoria's Secret model's body. I remember wanting to star in Ralph Lauren and Dior ads, and I just started making it happen. Why Not? In fact, I have an album on Facebook entitled just that "Why Not?" I have a very magazine-ready, polished style of photography that people eat up like candy. Who DOESN'T want to look absolutely flawless? Runway-ready. Don't believe it can be done? Email a picture of yourself you want "enhanced" beyond all sexiness, make your facebook status "I <3" and be prepared to see yourself in a different light. A really perfect light.


Karlenn said...

I'm totally excited to do the Valentine's promo. What a cool talent to have. I loved that video she made for that one Young Women's thingey you did. I need to start saving up - I want a cool header, too!