Monday, May 30, 2011

12 Year Old Patty

My mom always encouraged us to write in our journals as often as we could but especially on Sundays.
I was going through old journals this weekend and cer-acking up.

November 4, 96  (I was 12.  I'm typing it as it was written.)
Happy Holidays!  Yes, the holiday season has begun.  No real snow yet but I can tells it's on the way.  Me and Mark are still together. Although two boys at school like me and want to ask me out I will just have to say
1.  I am taken
2.  I'm not allowed
3.  Only Mormons
I have a lot of people to get Christmas stuff for I have to start saving money!  I will get back to Christmas in one minute but first VOTEING DAY is tommorrow. And if Bill Clinton wins I will surely commit suicide.  1st- He might have murdered someone.  TWO-  He has had MANY affairs.  Is tha the kind of guy we want running our country?  I THINK NOT!  Bob Dole rocks the world.  VOTE DOLE!  Now back to Christmas.  I would like to list everyone I would want to get Christmas things for and write what it is I would like to purchase and an average of what to spend on he or she.  This may take a few days.  First NICOLE my best friend.  I want to get her a card and I don't know but an average of like $5-10.00.  MISSY card and a necklace. (5.00) AMBER card and earrings.  That's all for today.  Love, PATTY

Okay- some things I thought were funny:
1.  I'm "still together" with Mark (which meant we saw each other at church and maybe sat next to each other) but couldn't be with either of the two boys who liked me at school.  Who are un-named making me think.... they didn't exist.
2.  I used "Only Mormons" as an excuse.  Had the blinders on there.  One of my favorite boyfriends was non-LDS.  And German.
3.  I spelled voting and tomorrow wrong. And I was TWELVE! Shame on you 12-year-old Patty.  Shame on you.  
4.  According to me, Bill Clinton murdered someone. 
5.  I was suicidal.  (No I wasn't.  Not even close.)  I think we could replace suicidal with dramatic.
6.  I was 6 years away from being able to vote but campaigning (to my journal) to vote for Bob Dole.
7.  I gave up on that Christmas list thing pretty quickly.  It was getting a bit repetitive I guess.

That's me.  In the middle.  Circa 12 years old.


Kar said...

Hahahahaha! Ohhhh that made me laugh so hard. I need to look through mine. Someday. Probably post-China.

Julia said...

Chris loves that we all wrote detailed journal entries when we were little. If we ever need an about-to-pee-our-pants laugh, we break out my old blue journal with flowers on it from the early 90s and laugh and laugh and laugh! I am pretty sure I lied to myself in my journal saying things like "I don't like that boy" when I did because I knew that we would all read each other's journals. Lol. Vote DOLE!!!

Ginger Bradley said...

You are toooo funny - love it! mom

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

haha Very entertaining! I am not even sure I would repeat what I wrote in my journal at 12...although I know exactly where it is. I will have to go back and read through mine as well. Too funny.

DoublClik said...

I believe IIII have a Clinton vs. Dole entry as well! And I was even younger! I gotta go find that...

Mom of 12 said...

Sooo funny! I read some of my old journals when I started writing this blog. They were downright embarrassing! They have been sitting on the shelves for years...I'm glad the kids haven't read any of them.