Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Let The Walls Fall Down

Kole became really mobile this week.  (Please continue to emphasize the "i" in mobile... I like the long "i" sound.)  Personally, I think it was spending a weekend with his cousins of all sizes.  He got the hint that he could move on his own if he wanted.  It was a long time coming but the change came over night.  I had heard moms say that and always figured it was an exaggeration.  Nope!  Since the baby came I have thought our house was pretty baby proof.  I had to throw those socket protectors in and install a baby gate- but I felt like my bases were covered.  But this week has proved me absolutely wrong and led me to the conclusion that:  Yes, I am a bad mother.  Or, as my friend Karlenn has said of herself, "Bad mom move #768."  The woman has four kids. I've only got one and my Bad Mom Move count is nearing the 10,000 mark.  So kudos to Karros.
With Kole moving.... it's like a tornado has gone through.  He doesn't even move that fast!  He's not making a mess either really.  How to put this.  Maybe a list.

  1. The floor lamp.  It's about 6 feet high.  Rod iron. Apparently, really unstable.
  2. A flower vase.  Not a mini one. But not from high up either.  It's on of those big, girth-y floor vases that have sticks in them.  Yeah- it weighs like 20 pounds but he tipped it over... onto himself.
  3. The vacuum.  Kole has had a long running, hot and cold relationship with the vacuum.  He loves it he hates it.  All pretty junior high if you ask me.  They are on a love peak right now.  Well, with showing the house I do a lot of cleaning and I had the vacuum out.  Kole was exploring.  Stroking the vacuum, admiring the vacuum, reciting sonnets to the vacuum.  Then, he hit the level that releases the handle.  And he was trapped by the vacuum.  Screaming and kicking and so sure he would never escape.  I'm sure this will have an effect on their relationship.
  4. There's been all the normal little things too.  Books.  The kid ones- not any encyclopedias.  Sippy cups.  Those plastic containers wipes come in.  The mail.  How is this child still moving  Why isn't he limping or dragging a little leg behind him when he crawls?  How is he not completely bruised?
What baffles me is I am there all the time.  Watching him.  Like a golden eagle.  And then I bend to tie my shoe or look out the window to see if it's still raining and ka-frickin-boom.  Kole is pinned.  I think hope it's getting better.  So far today his only injury is a paper cut on that space between your lips and nose.  It's gotta be painful.  And I didn't give it to him.  He likes putting everything in his mouth.  Such are the hazards of his occupation. 
As hard as I am on myself for my guardianship over him (or lack thereof) he's been sweeter and more snugly lately.  I know, who thought that was even possible, right? He's started to rest his head on my shoulder and just hold me there.  When I think I've hit rock bottom and they should take away my mom badge- he reassures me that I'm doing all right.


Julia said...

The resting-head-on-your-shoulder-thing is what I LIVE for. Sometimes I half-way force Greta's head down so it would rest on me and I can lean my head over on hers and we can have a moment---but then she gets a wiggly and spots her ball across the room and whines until I let her down. My worst mom moment was when I had to call poison control--TWICE. Once when I gave her too much medicine and the other when she downed two tablespoons of Bag Balm. She still manages to love me.

DoublClik said...

Awww I just loved that last line

Lyner said...

You are hard on yourself. The Koley better show you more of how awesome you are. :)

Karlenn said...

You are so funny, Patsters. I was giggling the whole time I was reading this. Reciting sonnets to the vacuum - hilarious!! Poor kid - a paper cut right between his lips and nose would really hurt...

Emily Empey said...

haha he is such a cutie... you are a great Mom! Kole loves you and I am glad he reassures you! :)