Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Because Mini Goals Make Me Feel Better

I had to add 22 more things to my list.  Got some inspirations SLASH copied some ideas from The Thumber.  Her bucket list is incredible.  I am normally anti-bucket list because so many are so generic.  Go skydiving, climb a mountain, smell a rose blah blah, blah blah, blah blah.  But The Thumber's Bucket List?  Very detailed and thought out and is going to involve some mighty hefty airfares.  Love that.
I still refuse to make my own bucket list.
I have a little under 80 days for my 26 Before 27.  79 to be exact.  I think this is the jolt my life battery needed.  I may have overshot here a bit.  But failures are fun to post about too.  So, please bring the envelope....

Thank you.

And the list is:
  1. Dye my own hair
  2. Knit a scarf
  3. Decorate a cake
  4. Go swing dancing with Ken
  5. Golf 18 holes
  6. Retry the foods I don’t like (tomatoes are done...yuck.  Mushrooms are done..pretty good!)
  7. Hike the Menan Butte
  8. Introduce myself to one new person a week
  9. Watch “Casablanca," “Citizen Kane,” and "An Affair to Remember"
  10. Get 27 blog followers
  11. Start a Gratitude Journal
  12. Complete a DIY project
  13. Go to the Hogle Zoo
  14. Do one act of service per week
  15. Cook all weekend meals for Ken (this oughtta be funny)
  16. Finish “Gone Away Lake” (This is the only book I have started and not finished.  I started it in 3rd grade.  It's still haunting me!  Gotta track it down)
  17. Plant a tree
  18. Write a letter to the president (heck.  I'll even mail it.)
  19. Play piano solo
  20. Read 5 (more) books
  21. Begin aggressive treatment for the Graves and The Tumor
  22. Run the Firecracker 5k (...eeeks.  I already wish I didn't put this one down.)
  23. Switch to homemade bread
  24. Start my own savings account
  25. Gift a magazine subscription  (I love getting a magazine every month.  I want someone else to feel that happy.....  but whom?)
  26. Get my idea patented (And no I am not telling you what my great idea is. You'll just steal it.)


The Thumber said...

Hey! I am thrilled that you liked my bucket list. I should rename it. I know how cliche it is. But I wanted to dream big. If I get to half of them, I'll be a happy Thumber! xo

DoublClik said...

Thumber, I loved your disclaimer : )

Patty, I have written the president and Oprah! Give it a try! If anything, it's fun to write 1600 Pennsylvania Ave on an envelope...hmmm....maybe thats why I didn't get a response.

Poulsen Family said...

#10 is accomplished. I looked up your stats on Google Reader- 28 subscribers! Plus I'm sure you have other anonymous followers.
#26 I am really looking forward to seeing what this is.

Kar said...

So dude. I'm especially excited about #21 - graves and tumor. I think I worry about those more than you do. I wish I could be the person you were gifting a magazine subscription to, dang it. You can gift me one when I get home. If you want. :)

Julia said...

Golf 18 holes? Patty! I didn't know you golfed!? Or is that part of the goal too: Learn how to golf and golf 18 holes. I have driven the cart 18 holes and that was a blast!!!

Mom of 12 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and deciding to stay for a while! I love your list. I'd like to do some of those things too. Maybe we'll meet up at the zoo!

Patty Cakes said...

I don't know what "@" this means but I know I am supposed to put it at the beginning.

@The Thumber- Knock 'em dead.

@DoublClik- You wrote Oprah?! What's her addy? "Next door to the whitehouse?"

@Poulsen Family- What is this Google Reader you speak of? I have NEVER heard of that. And for #26 - you will my sweet. And you will want one.

@Kar- You were totally going to be my giftee... thanks for moving to China on me.

@Julia- Of course I golf. I am really bad at it. And have only played a Par 3. But I can swing a racquet or a club or ...

@Mom of 12- Thank you one hundred times over.

That was fun!

ali said...

YES!! Move forward with your idea! My hubby and I tried at being inventors and we had some great ideas! We let ourselves get bogged down in the details and ta da! Someone else did the thing. :)

So this is me routing for you to go out there and make your THING happen!

Great list, too! :)

Emily Empey said...

I want to do the firecracker as well!!

~Kayla~ said...

Sooooo, I went straight to have Gone-Away Lake starting at 1 penny! So you could get the book and ship it for four bucks total!!! I think after all thses years, this may be one you want to keep! :) And you could always toss a magazine subscrition my way...ha! I used to subscribe to junk mail when I was little because I just wanted mail! Now all the mail I get is bills......ugh! HA!

SkippyMom said...

I like your bucket list. Pretty cool and the time line is perfect.

Good luck with them all.