Monday, May 2, 2011

Girl of the Hour

The Bradley girls were here for a total of 2 weeks.  Slowly they trickled back to their homes.  Andi stayed the longest.  She left yesterday. It's so sad to me when everyone goes home.  It's lonely.  I feel like I'll just sit in my boring house all boring day and think boring thoughts and look out the boring window and eat sweets.  The eating isn't boring- but it is bad for me.  I eat to fill my heart.  That doesn't work.  Habits are hard to break though, aren't they?  Especially when they taste so good.
Andi did a beautiful tribute to her trip on her blog.  It's worth looking at.  She's practically a celebrity you know.  Remember when I talked about her winning the lottery in every aspect of her life?  You don't?  Shame.  Shame.  Shame.  Read up kiddos.  She WON!  She won the Mormon Message contest!  "Stand Tall" took 1st place in the amateur US/Canada/Mexico division.  I am so proud of her.  She scored 500 big ones and kicked her shopping spree into over-drive.  Me and my mom joked about whether or not they would just send her $450... you know... that would take care of her tithing.  Or maybe they would just credit the whole thing to her tithing and she could have a couple Sundays off.   Is that wrong?  Nah!  It's funny!
She also taught a class at BYU-I while she was here (gathering more followers on her blog) and did a wedding shoot and slept over here one night with me and the Kolester.  I am just pleased as punch to see my littlest sister catching her dream and being so happy.  You can check out her "whole life story" in LDS Living the second weekend in May.  She was contacted for an interview and claimed she held nothing back during the nearly two hour conversation.  I expect to see her next on the cover of Vogue or Bazaar.

Love you, An.
Miss you.

I miss the rest of you sisters too.  Don't go getting all jealous.


Julia said...

Jealous. (jk) left a comment on my blog today, so I'm not jealous because I feel loved too. :)

Karlenn said...

She really is so talented. It's my dream to have her take pics of me and my family. Her photos are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

DoublClik said...

Flattered beyond words! Wait, I can think of some words: I feel so good about myself right now! YES! Karlenn, stop fantasizing, I will photography you and your family next year! You can count on it. Thanks for all the laughs Pat, it was great to spend so much time with you! Loves my Pats