Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Kole has started to pitch fits.  It came straight out of left field.  (Where does that saying originate?)  One day, he is sweet little Koley.  Angelic, charismatic, easy going.  Next day, I'm asking myself who the heck are you?!  Now, for those of you who know Kolester- he doesn't cry.  Like ever.  Occasionally when he gets really tired he'll cry for a nap.  But most of the time he just watches the breeze blow by.  He'll point and wave and observe.  Best baby.  Unless....
Unless he happens to be carrying an object.  Most likely an object he shouldn't be holding.  Like today he was holding a lint roller.  I don't know where he got it- I just looked down and he had a lint roller.  So, after shining up my Mother Badge, I bent down to take it from him.  But those chubby hands were not letting go.
"Come on, Koley.  You can't play with this."
His eyebrows furrow and his knuckles turn white.
I try reasoning with the laddy but he's only 10 months old.  Reasoning is... pointless.
So!  I take it.  I overpower the cub and take the lint roller.  In the past, this would have been no big thing he would have scurried off to find a paperclip to stick in alight socket or so scissors to crawl with.  But, today, it was different.  I took the lint roller and the sky came a-tumblin' down.  He screamed.  His body shook.  He fisted his hands and yelled.    Angry tears leaked out of his eyes.  He wasn't crying- he was just pissed off. I think he was yelling at me. I know my laughing didn't help.  I was just so surprised.  He had never made these sounds before. 
Later, I had closed the baby gate and Kole didn't like that either.  It wasn't anywhere near the fit we had with the lint roller, but I think he was swearing at me. In his own way.


Poulsen Family said...

Welcome to tantrums. They are Oh, so fun. With Max, I have learned to ignore him which helps him forget about what he's upset about. It doesn't work all the time, but most times than not.

Natalie said...

let me just first say, what a heartbreaker, and look at him crawl like he owns the place, so cute!!! If that is what his temper tantrums consist of then call yourself lucky, you would think that Colton got his left arm cut off if he got a toy taken away. Plus, he is probably just letting out 10 months worth of holding it in. Now that he realizes he can scream that loud, WATCH OUT!

ali said...

Ah, the joys (or not!) of toddlerhood!

And hey, don't forget to post about a time when you broke the rules for a chance to win POSSESSION today!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you that this was the first time you've witnessed a tantrum. Tinian is really good at them by now. He's had 10 months to learn from his brothers. Being the 3rd child is a bit different than being the first though. I bet you can't wait until the first time he throws one in public!! As Kar would say it's "special" :)

Brett and Tiffany said...

I tried to comment on Kole's blog, but for some reason it wont' let me! It has happened before! Don't know how to fix it-I am sorry about the tantrum-I still think he is adorable!