Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Morning, Doctor.

Kole slept until 9:30 this morning.  He went to bed at 8:15 last night which is a little early for him.  I was ecstatic.  I was awake but decided to stay in bed and read until the Koley started grumbling around.  At 9:30 there was no grumbling and I figured instead of throwing our whole day way WAY off schedule I'd wake him up.  I went in there and immediately knew something was wrong.
He didn't sit up when I came in.  He didn't look at me when I called his name.  He was just laying there.  Staring.  He was breathing real slow and his eyes were all glazed over.  I rubbed his back. "Koooolllleeey.  Are you ready to get up sugar pop?"  He let out a little moan.  I touched his forehead and he was burning up!   I mean burning.  When I picked him up his body was limp and he shivered and shook for a bit.  I nursed him and he just kept his eyes close.  He's never been like this.  He fell asleep a couple times while nursing and when breakfast was over... he just laid there.  I set him on the floor and he fell over.  He tried to get up but just cried and cried and cried.  It was too hard for him.
I went over what we did yesterday.  A lot.  Lunch with the cousins, zoo with the cousins, playtime with the cousins, (today's post was supposed to be a lot more fun.)  We went father's day shopping.  We did a ward service project.  A lot happened.  Was he dehydrated?  Did he have heat stroke?  Do babies get that?  I called Ken who said to call the pediatrician.  I suggested waiting an hour or so to see if he perked up....but after I took his temperature (101.5) I called.  We went in and Kole was all sad and snugly. When the doctor came in Kole was a little scared.  I think it was the mustache.  And the crazy hair and crazy shirt and crazy props.  Kole is a mellow kid.  "Over-the-top" doesn't really work on him.  It worked on me though!  I was completely charmed by this on call doctor.  I felt like he really understood his audience.  (Which is kids...not mothers.)  Anyway- after the doctor checked all his vitals and assured me all THAT was fine... Kole started to pep up a little.  Which is great but also so embarrassing.  I felt like saying, "I swear he wasn't feeling good 10 minutes ago."  The doctor quizzed me on what we did over the weekend.  Saying if he was sick it would have been something that happened then.  Nothing was out of the ordinary from my answers. 
Then the doctor pulled Kole's lips a part like he was a little colt.
"Aha!," he exclaimed.  "Your son has 5 teeth coming in right now."
I was shocked.  Embarrassed.  Relieved.  Comforted.  I felt a little sheepish. And I let out a huge breath I'd been holding in all morning.  I get really nervous when I am going to a doctor for something that should be routine.  I've been this way ever since I was diagnosed with the tumor.  I went in for nothing big and found out I had a brain tumor.... the nervousness sorta sticks with you.
The doctor told me it was rare to get so many teeth at once but it does happen.  Kole just needs a little extra help over the next week or so in the form of Infant Ibuprofen, Popsicles, distractions, and cuddling.  I was really surprised when he just flapped Kole's mouth open like that.  I'm always tender and think "Oh he doesn't want me to touch his gums."  I gotta toughen up.  A top one is barely peeking through the gums and there are three more throbbing, puffy, pillows next to it.  And then one more coming in on the bottom. It looks so painful. 
I took Kole to Walgreen's and we got the goods.  I picked some Popsicles that I would eat too.  I'll eat the rootbeer ones.  Koley can have the cherry ones.  Dad can have the rest. 
He seems mostly sleepy now.  I gave him the ibuprofen which he downed like a champ.  I hope that breaks his fever.  I'm supposed to check his temperature every hour as long as he's awake. 
It's scary when your kid is sick.
Even now when I know it's just his toothers.  I still don't like seeing him so not himself.


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Poor guy! I remember when Noah got his front top was so bad that his gums were bleeding! It was awful! I hope Kole feels better soon! It's always better to be safe than sorry! I would have taken him in too!

Julia said...

Poor little Koley. I guess it was a good thing you gave him a little medicine yesterday. Mother's intuition, Pats. You got it. Enjoy all the snuggling. Maybe give him a cold rag to chew on too...Greta STILL enjoys that.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Don't be embarrassed about taking him to the doctor. It is better to find out what is wrong for peace of mind and to help him feel bettter.! ps...LLLOOOVVVEEE your haircut! I bet Ken can't wait to get home to his hot wife this weekend!

Kar said...

Phew. You scared me lots and lots at first. I'm glad it's not something worse.

Toyin O. said...

Hope your kid feels better soon:)