Friday, June 3, 2011


Kohlrabi is a German Turnip.

It's also a nickname for my favorite son, Kole Robert.  Get it? Eh?  Eh? Clever, huh?
Lil' Kohlrabi has adopted 4 really interesting quirks as of late.

1.  He likes fat strangers as opposed to skinny strangers.  I know that is weight discrimination.  But if you are a chubbo Koley will smile and giggle and flirt with you.  If you are a Slim Jim he will turn away and give you the Kole Cold Shoulder.  Brutal I know.  Now, don't use this to judge your weight if you think you are borderline.  Kole smiling does not mean you are fat.  9 times out of 10 he's friendlier with chubby people.  Maybe he feels like they understand where he is coming from.
2.  He is constantly looking for dogs.  He tries to say dog.  It sounds like "Dawd."  But he'll be pointing to a dog when he says it. Smart as a whip.  If you say dog Kole will spin his head around so fast looking for mentioned canine.  And he won't give up until a dog is produced.  So, if you don't see a dog- don't say you do.  It's unsettling to my very determined little dog-lover.
3.  He likes doors to be closed.  I think this is from his dad.  Both are very private people.  We go into a room and Kole will crawl over and close the door and then get a book to read (or edit) and a truck to hold.  He likes doors closed but cupboards, drawers, closets, and wardrobes open!  He makes his rounds.  Makes sure everything he wants open is open and everything he wants closed is closed.  What a mind on this kid.
4.  He is relatively unticklish.  Except for his ribs.  And you have to bite them to get a laugh.  You can't tickle with your hands.  If you use your hands and that high pitched "tickytickytickyticky!"  he'll stare at you.  Blankly.  And make you feel like an nincompoop.  But if you put your teeth on that exact same area laughter will ring through the hills.  And he'll beg for more.  For like an hour.  So make sure you have blocked off some time.


Holli Fuhriman said...

What a cutie! We have those same penguin pajamas!

Brett and Tiffany said...

Love that boy! I will have to test my "weight" when we see him again! Haha!


YOu have a lovely boy right there :)