Thursday, June 16, 2011

Come What May

The reason I married Ken is I didn't know life could be that good.
He made life easy.
He would pick me up from my night classes and ask if I needed anything.  Anything.
He would get it.
He cared about me so deeply.  Intimately.
Every up I had he experienced the euphoria.
Every down - he was there.
He made decisions easy.
It was my thoughts with his words.
He supported every whim, idea, indulgence, desire, and plan I ever had.
Getting married wasn't hard.
Being married isn't hard.

It made life clearer.
The reason I married Ken hasn't changed.
It has resonated further within me.
He hears me out.
He doesn't judge.
He never doubts.
That's why I married Ken.
He is that man.
The man who carried me into a world I didn't even know about.

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DoublClik said...

2 thumbs up to Kenster.

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