Monday, June 6, 2011

He Thinks I'm Funny

Ken has laughed really hard at some things I have done recently and I just don't get what's so funny about them.

1.  I called the radio station and requested a song.  When I told Ken he was up in ka-hoots! Like he had never heard of such a ridiculous thing before.  I told him people did it all the time and he didn't really believe me.  What is so funny about that?  In case you are wondering I requested Rihanna's "Breaking Dishes" and the radio station said they didn't have it.  I told them they should get it.  And they told me it doesn't work that way.  I was confused.  What way?  We went back and forth for awhile.  I wasn't my nicest.  And I didn't get to hear my song.
2.  It's been hotter lately.  Finally.  Like high 70s, maybe?  We were taking a walk with Kole and I said "It's a scorcher out here!"  Again- Ken was in hysterics.  He thought "scorcher" was so funny.  What is so funny about that?  It really was hot out.  I thought the day should definitely be classified as "scorcher."  I don't know.

It's another scorcher out today and Koley is sleeping.  So I am going out on the deck to read.  Bon Soir!


DoublClik said...

Comment #1- I just introduced my kids to Breakin Dishes Friday in our last class together. It is still in my top 5 at the moment.

Comment #2-Scorcher is a totally valid word and so is irregardless if you ask me.

Ginger Bradley said...

....irregardless ????? is that a totally valid word?

Julia said...

we sound alike. I request songs ALL the time!!!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I was always afraid of calling the radio station...but I got the guts to do it once and they actually put me on the air. So pretty much I am famous, thanks to KLCE. In other news..70s isn't scorcher weather, but the word is totally legit. :) And I agree with Ken, you are pretty hilarious. That's just one of the reasons I love your blog!

Rory Grant said...

I asked a radio station to play 'Like a Hurricane' by Neil Young - I was told 'You may hear it on a radio station one day sir. But it won't be this one and it won't be in the next hundred years'

I've had a 'crisis of confidence' in my taste ever since.