Thursday, June 2, 2011

Trailers for Sale or Rent

Tuesday night I did I bike ride with the Young Women.  Since I have the Chubby Cubby I thought I better skip it.  I mean, I'm good, but I don't think I could carry him AND ride a bike.  He's like 30 pounds.  But as the hour drew nearer I kept thinking about how badly I wanted to go!  So I called my friend, Karlene, and she let me borrow her trailer for the kiddy AND her bike.  I have my own two-wheeled machine of madness... (a little over the top there) but hers was already hooked up and what not. 
Most awkward part was probably trying to ride off their front lawn.  With her and her hubby and a couple of her kids watching me.  I was laughing... which made it harder to pedal.... and there was the grass... and then 50 or so pounds I was lugging.  I turned around and told them they didn't have to watch but they assured me it was entertaining. Thanks, guys.
Okay. Kiddy trailer is AMAZING! Kole loved it.  Hands up and squealing the whole hour and a half.  I'm serious HANDS UP!  It was adorable.  And when we would stop- wait.  Let me rephrase:  When the Young Women would stop so I could catch up, catch my breath, and catch a break Kole would burst into laughter.  That hearty belly laugh I love so much.  He truly was King of the Road.
Let me tell you.  I am waaaay past out of shape.  I have no muscle at all.  When I stepped off the bike my legs crumpled.   Kole laughed.  I held onto the bike for support.  And hills! Aye! Hills were a killer.  But it was kinda fun to stand up on the bike going up hill... you know... and feel twelve again. 
My sisters and I used to put on performances on our bikes.  We'd weave a figure eight, ride with no hands, stand on our seats, and get mad if mom looked away for one second. 
I was the only one sweating on our casual bike ride and I thought I would need a respirator and the lower 55% of my body was burning.  It made me want a trailer soooo bad.  Because sweating makes me feel sporty and all that heavy breathing really enhanced the smell of all the blooming trees and it was a good burning and I know that if I get one then I will also have sexy legs like this:
Yeah.  I think a summer of pulling a bike trailer and a can of spray on tanner ought to do it.


DoublClik said...

Haha speaking of muscular legs, since I have gained 10 pounds (didn't you know??) I'm doing an 8 minute leg workout everyday just to start. Since ALL the weight went to my thighs and buttocks. Anyway, yesterday Rory said first do the 8 minute stretch, then the 8 minute leg work out. Well nothing was hurting at all even after the leg work out! Rory said he'd be home late, so I went to my friend's condo to use the gym. I got on the bike, and set "Challenge" for first 15 mins, but then said "start small" okay 10 minutes of cycling. Ooo my gosh at 3 minutes in I was dying! But I did not stop for the full 10 minutes, and I was SOAKING afterwards. Then I went home and had a Debbie Snack cake.

Patty said...

When I used to go to the gym... I would stop for a burger on the way home. I felt like..."Reward Yourself."

Julia said...

Hahahaha. I love this comment conversation. Spanish Fork has tons of amazing, paved trails that I like to walk on with Greta in her stroller. I am always huffin and puffin!

Karlene said...

Kole did love that trailer, and you didn't look so bad yourself pulling it! Take it any time it is free!

Brett and Tiffany said...

You go girl! I love having a bike trailer. Wait until you put two little tykes in it! IT's like a mega workout! I hope you get a trailer! It is a fun "out" for both mom and kids!

lucy said...

Hey you didn't ask if you could use my picture