Tuesday, January 17, 2012

And I Really Like That.

Ken's that Dad who is never ever mad.
Never mad at me.
Certainly never mad at Kole.

It is impressive.  He comes home and it's hard to tell who is more excited, Kole or Ken.  Ken throws his coat on the couch and runs for Koley- who runs in the opposite direction with his hands above his head screaming in delight. The chase each other around the island in the kitchen and end up in a wrestling fit on the living room floor.  Both giggling.  Both red in the face.

On nights when Kole maybe isn't in the wrestling mood... nights when there wasn't sufficient nappage durnig the day... nights when I can't wait for Ken to get home because I am having a hard time lookign at Kole without feeling frustrated...  Ken comes- and all is well.
He is soft with Kole.  Ken holds him and wraps him in a blanket in his arms.  He asks him how his day was and what Kole and Mom did today.  And I can see Kole relax... and "un-tense."

They are a perfect match for each other.
Koley wants to be like Ken so bad.
And I think Ken thinks that's pretty cool.


DoublClik said...

Patty...this was so precious! Please take more videooo

Julianna said...

I so love this. So many fathers have no idea how important they are to their sons.

This post was awesome!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I LOVE it when dads are like this. I would argue that there is nothing better! So sweet.

Kar said...

I think that is so, so great. There is nothing better than a caring, hands-on dad. Kole will be so grateful he had that.

Emily Empey said...

Thats adorable! i love the video!!! I love Koley's laugh!! so fun! :)