Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Time Was Here

I'm still revelling in Christmas.  Well, going back and forth between revelling in all the goodiness and Christmas Cheer and being depressed that it's over.  For another whooooole year.  Sigh.  Sad.  So so sad.  I don't remember being as excited as I was for this Christmas since I was a kid.  I was excited for Kole to open presents.  I was excited to see all of my family.  I was excited to eat.  I'm always excited to eat- Christmas or not.  It was just a wonderful.  My in-laws scored me a Nikon COOLPIX.  It's required to capitalize that right?  I'm still working on taking a picture that is not blurry.  Which has always been my biggest flaw.  But I think the way I am feeling would best be described in a monologue inspired by the made for TV movie "A House Without a Christmas Tree."

(Tell me you are laughing.  Tell me you know where that is from.)

Some things to know about Bradley Family Christmases:
1.  Mom likes to feed us every two hours.  With a snack on the interval hour.
2.  There's 5 girls and lots of laughing.
3.  This year we made Gingerbread Houses.  Mom got them for each couple to make.  Ken opted to snooze by the fire with Koley do Andi and I built one together.  It won the gold medal.  That wasn't actually passed out.... but had it been... it would have gone to ours.  If not for the exquisite craftsmanship than certainly for the creative effort.  And time spent.  Everyone else whipped theirs out in like 45 minutes.  Me and Andi labored for nearly three hours.  On a deeeee-vine Gingerbread Hacienda.  Complete with an authentic pinata, Mexican flag, and burro out front.
4.  We're all so rosy-cheeked because Mom and Dad set the thermostat to like 85 degrees.



vicks27 said...

Mary Catherine Gallagher!

SkippyMom said...

The houses look great. What a nice activity for Christmas. The kids look like they had a great time.

Do you actually call Kole "Koley do"? Priceless

Julianna said...

I got the COOLPIX two years ago. LOVE it! I wish the pixel quality was higher but it is perfect for what I need every day.

I am under no dillusion that I am not a photographer. And I can say with all certainty that NO ONE comes to my blog for the pictures. :)

Glad you had a great Christmas.

Julianna said...

OH, and I love the new page. But you need to make your title a different color. The white gets lost....

...ok. that's my two cents. :)