Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hulk Koley

It's like he's a different boy.
I've said this before. 
Kole goes through "phases" where he is a devil.  He is unrecognizable as Koley.  In my maternal opinion.  It's like the Hulk is living in him.  And he is on a smash, destroy, yell, and scream rampage.
Little Hulk Koley.
I want you to play trucks with me NOOOOOW!!!

We're amidst one currently.  And I've seen Kole make the face in that picture.  Scary time.

I think it's from a lack of sleep.  The toddler bed started so well.  So well.  He loved laying in there and pulling his covers up and snuggling in.  He'd want to read books in there and tuck his animals in with him.  Cutsie pa-tootsy. 

Now.... in week 2....he sleeps inside his room by the door (that he can't open) like a sad puppy.
I tried moving him once.  Mistake.  The Hulk arose. 

I hate peeking under the door slot and seeing his chubby drooling face laying there. 

How do I get him back in his bed?

I want to turn back the clocks to when he was this little guy and all he cared about was when his next meal was coming round:


Beth Willmore said...

That is the cutest picture ever!!! I'm sorry you're dealing with the hulk! I go through that with my 3 year old every now and then and it makes me want to pull my hair out and put MYSELF in a timeout just to get away from him! Good luck!

Lynn Proctor said...

haha such a cute little hulk!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I'll trade you the Hulk for my bossy 3 year old!! haha Being a parent is totally a game of trial and error! Good luck!

Juli said...

It will pass darlin'... and eventually he'll move himself back to bed because it's more comfy than the floor.

And if he doesn't, that's ok too... less sheets to wash. :)

aGOREaPHOBIa said...

We had the same problems with our little girl. Her big girl bed started out great and then she would go through phases where she would not stay in bed. We tried a sticker chart and she loved it. She was a little closer to 3 I think, and I don't know if Kole is old enough to care about that, but it worked like a charm for us. Also, we are going through a pretty intense "hulk phase" with our 2 yr old now too. Good luck!

Spencer, Jen, and Zoe said...

P.S. That last comment was from me. I didn't know that was logged into my husbands account from high school. He was a weirdo. hahaha

Michelle said...

My son hated his toddler bed until his baby sister was old enough to have a toddler bed of her own. They shared a room and their beds were close and he settled down. He was four and the bed was almost too small, but I was just glad he was in a bed at all!