Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Things That Sound Really Good

Laying on my stomach.
(In reality, it really hurts.)
Bending my feet.
Sleeping laying down.  (or is it lying down?)  I think they both sound good.
A hot tub.  (It's always bothered me that preggies can't get their soak on.  I take showers way hotter than hot tubs.)
Wings.  Those always sound good.
Being able to "hold it."
Heck, even going 30 minutes without stopping at a bathroom.  I know the location of all the bathrooms at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, department stores, Walmarts, and rest stops within... 20 miles of my house.
A shirt that covers up the gross, purple-y, stretched out, and perpetually cold part of my belly that hangs out of my maternity clothes.  It's so trashy looking.
A chalupa.  Make that 2 chalupas.  Heck, just order me the #6.  With the Fruit Punch.
Being able to walk faster than someone with one leg using a walker.
A back replacement.
A well fitted bra.  Sorry Victoria's Secret... I think I'm past your limit now.  
High heels.  Anything slightly more fashionable than an empire cut shirt with ducks and daisies on it.  Why are pregnant women assumed to want to dress like kindergarteners?
NOT getting kicked in the ribs.  Or spine.  Or hip bone.  Or bladder.

13 more days.
13 more days.


SkippyMom said...

Showers don't raise your core body temperature [and sustain it] the way a hot tub does. I know that isn't what you want to hear, but here's a happy thought - if you are, indeed, wearing empire waisted tops with the requisite ducky maternity logo AND your stomach is hanging out, exposed? I would place bets that it won't be 13 more days - sounds like the baby has dropped. Unless of course you are wearing Hollywood's version of a maternity top - a size medium tee from Abercrombie. Then all bets are off. heehee

And don't worry about having fashionable feet - you can't see them anyway, right?

I'm not helping, I know. I DO feel for you. Honest. And it will be soon and you will have a new baby and won't it all be worth it! Hang in there - oh, and pass me a chalupa. :D

Kar said...

THIRTEEN DAYS!! That is coming so soon, Pats! Yessss! And I'm so, so sorry for your discomfort. I've been there, done that, gotten the t-shirt. Too many times. It's ridiculously horrible and hard.

Chris Loves Julia said...

It's all coming back. Want to come over for wings this week? We have a ton that Chris is dying to cook up!

Beth Willmore said...

Someone with one leg using a walker... I am DYING here - that was so funny!
I always say the beginning and end of pregnancy SUCKS and the middle part is tolerable!
Good luck! Can't wait to see when this little guy makes his appearance and we get to hear all the dirty details! 13 more days - you can make it!

Lynn Proctor said...

it will all be a sweet memory soon--feel better:)

Holli Fuhriman said...

I'm in the Phase where things that sound good to me are: going to the bathroom or taking a shower without having a child walk in on me, sleeping for more than 3 hours consecutively, eating my food warm and in a sitting position, and not touching poop. But after reading your post I heave a sigh of relief and think, "At least I'm not pregnant!!!" haha!

Home stretch!! That baby'll be here before you know it!