Thursday, June 21, 2012

Patty McBeard

Ken has been teasing me about my excess facial hair lately.  Lately as in the last year... maybe two.  I always figured he was just joking.  I mean I wax the mustachio and tend to the eyebrows.  I've got my bases covered.  I've got Italian in my blood which, according to Ken, is the cause of all my werewolf-ish-ness. 

To come out with it:  Ken says I had a beard.

Ludicrous right?  I know I have longer sideburns.  But it's like baby hair over there.  No big deal. 
Well, the hairy jabs had become an everyday thing.  I was THE Bearded Lady around here.  But I'd look in the mirror and just not see it.  I felt my face and didn't get my hands caught up in the knots of hair growing from it.  What was the big deal?

Last Sunday I was getting ready for church.  I gave Ken a preview of my outfit (since sometimes I don't do that well matching on my own.)  And he said, "You would look great if you lost the beard." 

That was my last straw.
I grabbed a razor.

Oh.  My.

He was so right.  I started shaving my face...  and like... a ton of hair came off!  It looked like I shaved a bunny when I looked in the sink!  I started thinking I should of used some Barbasol.  The Beard Buster kind.  I was so embarrassed.  There was enough hair to donate to Barbie Locks of Love. 

I went back all smooth and clean shaven and told Ken he was right.  And I was really sorry if he felt like he'd been married to a man/woman the last 7 years of his life.  I vowed to shave my face on a regular basis. 

I figured every other month or so.

Well, it's been 4 days and the stubble is pretty prickly.  I think I have a problem.


Chris Loves Julia said...

Patty. Do. Not. Shave. Your. Face. !!!!!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

haha I second everything Julia said!!!

Joanne said...

Oh NO! I have to admit I might have Laughed out loud and snorted a few times during this post. Don't shave, My friend did that mistake and it became coarser.
Blessings, Joanne

Juli said...

Wax or threading my friend... spoken from a woman who knows... I visit a teeny Asian lady every 3 weeks at the threading place...

Barbie locks of love... priceless!

Beth Willmore said...

WE ARE THE SAME PERSON!!! Seriously Patty. I used to wax my moustache twice a week and finally gave in and got laser hair removal. Very expensive and 5 years later it's totally grown back AND THEN SOME!
With each baby I got hairier and hairier until now I'm a full-blown bearded lady also! I have quite the routine now which I'm a little embarassed to admit here on your comment box... but let's just say that Jared and I have a lot in common in the morning getting ready for the day!!

Becky Ranck said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why he's not in the dog house too. Beard or not, he could be a little nicer about it:) hehe I never would've shaved it either. Waxing is a lot better! My sister shaved her arms once and it grew back prickly and with a vengeance!! Good luck!

Patty said...

People! People!
I didn't know there were other options!
What the heck is threading?
And you're really supposed to wax your WHOLE face??
I shave my arms all the time and the hair never comes back different.
And Ken is never in the dog house. He does too much good.
We don't even have a dog house. ;)

Jeremy Bates said...

Why shave? There are other methods that can be utilized. Laser is one of them. Then you'd have a smooth face and not have to stock up and increase the stock in Schick or Gillette.

SkippyMom said...

I am fair haired and fair skinned and didn't get the facial hair until after menopause [yay, I'm old! :)] and although it is light - I feel your pain. But I agree with everyone - do not shave your face. Please. Hopefully after the pregnancy it will thin out/lighten up - but until then wax or thread. And I agree, I snickered at the Barbie Locks of Love too - at least you keep your sense of humor and hubby loves you [and your furry face;)]

DoublClik said...

I just looked up threading on YouTube! Its apparently a very popular alternative. I just got my eyebrows and lip waxed this week and am going to start laser hair removal this next year, They told me its not done on the face but I'm getting my legs done! Perhaps I can take up threading for my lip, still painful it seems

Juli said...

I thread. It's an old technique for removing hair with two pieces of thread. Basically the girl twists it up and grabs the hair on your face an pulls it out. I like it better than waxing because the heat from the wax causes my skin to break out badly. I will say though to ask around and use a reputable place. I went to a new girl once and she actually cut my skin with the threads (Think friction burn).

And yes... I do the chin, the girl- stash, and the eyebrows. Luckily, I am blonde so the side burns aren't an issue. :)

Lynn Proctor said...

i wish we lived in a country, where hairiness was okay!!