Friday, June 15, 2012


I've recently been given 2 awards via the blogosphere.
They're the same... but from different people.

Both the Kreativ Blogger Award.
Wait, you should be swooning over me!  Here's what these delightful young ladies said about me.  Hey, come on.  Nothing feels as good as a compliment.  And aren't you always supposed to pass them along?  Even if you're just passing on the one given to you... about you... and changing nothing?

Ms. Kar said:
Patty is really, really good at putting feelings into words.  That's my biggest weakness as a writer.  I can tell a funny story, but when it comes articulating my feelings, I just can't hack it. Which is why writing a little something sentimental in greeting cards is a nightmare for me.  She makes fun of me for that.  I also love how tongue-in-cheek she is.  Oh, and Patty has some kind of karma where complete strangers start fights with her.  It's ca-razy.  And really funny.

I do have Stranger-Fighting-Karma.  I don't know where that comes from.  I avoid confrontation with people in my life at all costs to my happiness and comfort.  But if someone is reaching for the last pack of Big Red in the check-out aisle... I'll be sure I get it.

Melissa made me blush by saying:
One of my most favorite blogs to read is that of my friend Patty.  Or Patty Published as her blog is called.  Patty is awesome, hilarious and honest.  I love it because she does things or says things that I would never have the guts to do/say.  You could say I sort of live vicariously through her.  She is a talented writer and just an all around great gal. 
I love it when people call me "gal."

So as this chain-mail stuff goes... I tell you 7 interesting facts about myself.  I'm going to make 'em shorties.

1.  I always have and always will love Alan Jackson (that new one, "So You Don't Have To Love Me Anymore" is golden.  Follows suit.) but The Shins are creeping up the list.  
2.  I wish we had Kool-aid with dinner every night like we did when I was growing up.
3.  I made an Amazon Book Wish List and feel like I registered for my wedding.
4.  I just learned there's a difference between a backhoe and a loader and an excavator.  They're not just "trucks."  Thanks, Ken.
5.  I think women who wear watches are at the very top of the class train.  It's so sensible and sexy looking.  Better start scouting for one I like.
6.  I think my singing voice sounds like a mix of Lee Ann Womack and Allison Krauss.  Ken says I'm dreaming.  Yeah!  You bet I'm dreaming!  Of the big stage!  And bright lights!
7.  I really like doing puzzles and am starting a new one this weekend.  It's a foodscape.  Google it homes.


Kar said...

Puzzles really are so much fun. And almost therapeutic, I think. Is Lee Ann Womack a country singer? Maybe that's why I haven't heard of her. But I have heard of Alison Krauss, because my freshman year roomies played her incessantly.

Kar said...

Oh, and I was supposed to tell you that you had gotten nominated by me. Which I forgot to do last night. Doh. Good thing you are one of the two people who reads my blog.

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Don't worry, you weren't the only one calling them all Trucks! :) Noah knows the difference between them better than I do!

Thanks for participating!!

Juli said...

Yes. There's a large difference. But don't ask me what... because I got nothing.

Just like my father can't tell me the difference between cotton and linen.

We go on puzzle binges here... usually in the winter though, when we are hunkered down with a storm.