Monday, June 11, 2012

I Gotta Get Out More.

Ken and I went to see The Avengers on Friday.  It was our second date of the year.  That's right.  We love each other that much.
We went to this new fancified theater by us.  You don't wait in line to buy tickets... you get them at a kiosk where you can always pre-order your concessions.  When you order your tickets you get to choose your seats.  We chose 2 seats in the back by the aisle since I normally have to get up a go to the bathroom a lot.  And then I knew I was willing to pay $25 for some watered down Cherry coke and a large popcorn.  (Parrothead reference.) 
Anyway, we get to our theater and it's practically empty.  Without looking at our ticket seating number we pick seats in the vicinity of where we thought we probably chose.  Allow me to emphasize.  The theater was practically empty.  There might of been 7 to 10 other people there.  As starting time neared another 10 showed up.  I was shocked at how loyal everyone was to their seating assignment.  Couples were checking tickets and bending over to see which row they were on.  They were counting over to sit in the exact spot they chose.  What killed me about this is everyone was sitting right next to each other.  Not even the courtesy seat between strangers.  It was like, "That's what we picked on the screen... that's where we should sit."  First off, why would you pick ahead of time to sit directly beside someone you do not know.  Hoping to make a friend?  I could understand if it was sold out and you have to... but that was not the case at all.  Second!  If you did choose lousy seats by strangers... when you got into the theater (realized the stupidity of your mistake) and saw aallllll those empty chairs... wouldn't you have sat somewhere else?  I could not quit giggling about it.  Every single person that came in sat in this nucleus of people because that's where they were self-assigned.  It was bizarre.  And nice having so much room to ourselves.

2nd thing:  I went out to get a refill on my drink and some Milk Duds to complement my poppy-corn.  While I was ordering this middle-aged, over-weight, non-shaved man (also rather short) came and interrupted me.  We has carrying his wife's knock off Louis Vuitton bag and talking on his cell phone.  "I NEED AN EXTRA LARGE POPCORN BUCKET!"  The concessions girl and I both looked over.  "I HAVE A SICK KID."  The girl behind the counter said, "There's a bathroom right there." and pointed directly across the hall.  "HE'S GOING TO PUKE EVERYWHERE!  GIVE ME A BUCKET!  HURRY!!"  I normally commiserate with these people and try my best to ease their situation.  But something about this guy irked me.  Was it loafers with shorts?  Was it the spit in the corners of his mouth?  Was it the hair products he clearly didn't know how to use? The girl grabs the big bucket, hands it to him, and he strolls away.  Yeah.  Strolls.  Not the walk of choice if you're trying to get to a sick kid... right?  I get my Duds and drink and lean against the wall (by the bathroom) and watch this guy.  He hands the bucket to the kid who is in NO way sick.  The boy was giggling and squealing and bouncing around.  The kid takes the bucket over to a counter on the opposite end and gets his "FREE REFILL!"  I was so upset!  What a scam!  That guy totally lied (and cut in line) to get free popcorn.  And he used his kid as an accomplice.  So wrong.  So so wrong.  The Great Movie Popcorn Heist.  And I saw it all first hand.  Who do I report this crime to?

I'm thinking of sending The Hulk after them.


DoublClik said...

Lol I want to take you to a real fancy theater. We pick seats on a screen, and the theater is called "VIP" and you pay an extra $8 to sit in full recliner arm chairs with little blue glowy lamps and a mini table between you and your date with chilled water bottles sitting there for you. It's a little living room. You buzz for service and a waiter comes and take your order just for concessions, but they also can bring you crepes...hamburgers...cheese fries....And you just give them your card and they swipe it off right there. *sigh* I never wanted to go back to the cheap seats after that....just like that time I got to fly first class..

Ginger Bradley said...

we all knew what he was going to do....why didn't the girl behind the counter mark a big X on the bucket or write "sick bucket"???? c' smarter than the crooks - that's my motto!

SkippyMom said...

I am surprised she gave up the popcorn tub. Theatres keep track of inventory very carefully through their containers [cups/popcorn buckets] and by threat of death/firing employees do not just hand them over. I am also surprised that if you saw it why didn't she see the kid go to the other side and "scam"?

The theatre sounds neat tho' and the one in DoublClik's town sounds even cooler. I don't think I would want to leave that one. Worth the extra money I bet.

Kar said...

You have got to be kidding me. I cannot believe that!! What a jerk!! How can people like that sleep at night??? That is sooooo funny that people were so loyal to their seat choices. It's like you have both ends of the spectrum in this post - the dude who isn't scared of getting into trouble (popcorn) and the people who are scared of getting into trouble (seat people).

Anonymous said...

OH! Let me at the bastard! I've cut people for less...I mean...I still haven't seen The Avengers. Waiting for it to show up at the cheap theatre and I'll only have to pay $1.75 for it. Plus, getting The Wife to any movie never happens, let alone a nerdy one (my faves, of course).