Wednesday, March 6, 2013


The whole idea of taking pictures with your phone has been dumb to me since day one.  Maybe because I never had a camera on my phone.  And I live by a rule similar to "If you can't beat 'em join them."  My rule is, "If you can't join 'em, despise 'em and call what they are doing dumb."
But a month ago, I had to say goodbye to my dearly beloved flip phone.  When they gave us our free upgrades they were iPhone 4s!  And while I am still learning the basics like checking my voice mail, not hanging up on people, what all the rings and beeps and dings mean, I have mastered the camera.
Somewhat addictive.
Addictive in a way that in the one month I've had my phone... minus let's say 3 days to figure out the camera.... I've taken 547 pictures.  FIVE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN!  Scary.  Scary because five hundred forty-seven exciting things have not happened in the last 30 days.  Which means I am becoming that person who takes pictures of my kids doing nothing.  Or doing ordinary things.  And then because I took a picture it should be extraordinary.  Only it's not.  It's still just Kole eating breakfast.  Or Joey sucking on a toy car.  So glad I captured that.  How else would I ever remember breakfast on March 6?
547 is excessive.  And you're welcome, since I didn't post them all to Instagram.
But going through those 547... there were some real gems.

We were blowing on Joey's face to make him smile... we blew too hard and scared Aunt Julie.

Julie's attempt at a Gluten-free cake.  Looked terrible. Tasted awesome.

Kole went "shopping" and bought me all stuff that I bought him once!

Rollercoaster cart!

Good scrolling.  And, yeah, you counted right.  25 pictures on this here post.  But consider my starting point.  I did pretty good narrowing down.  And! The  picture of Greta's crack-elly birthday cake was the only food picture on there.  So I haven't lost complete control yet.

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Juli said...

Gluten Free???? Do tell! What did she use? Mix or homemade? I find the key to good GF is to bake small cakes and build it up. And the key to good cookies, Betty Crocker GF chocolate chip mix... add an extra egg. :)

I for one, love the pictures. It's a snap shot of your days. Someday you will find these pictures and realize that you missed these times. Honest, you will.