Friday, March 22, 2013

Game Time

Here's a fun game:
Pick a number 1 to 3.

Got it?  Do you need to write it down? 
Really?  You do?  How old are you? 100 years old?

Now pick another number 1 to 10.

I understand if you need to write this number down.  Remembering two numbers is harder than remembering one.  Certainly more than twice as hard.

Got your two numbers?

Now... click on the Motherhood Tab and read the post that matches!

Your first number will be the column.  Second number is the row.

It took me a lot of work to get that tab done... so indulge me as much as I plan on it indulging you.

And feel free to read more than just your chosen number.  It's Friday.  Blow off work and read blogs instead.

1 comment:

Juli said...

I read the little things... The Joey was so teeny. :) Seriously, your blog makes me jealous... so talented. I am stuck with what blogger gives me. :(