Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Joey's Veggie Tales

Joey has Cradle Cap.  Which I often call Cradle Crap on accident.  It's a tongue twister in my book.  The name Cradle Crap makes more sense.  It's crappy that there is no reason for it.  It's crappy there is no real cure for it.  It looks crappy.  And makes me feel like a crappy mom when people look at Joey's head and then give me one of those squinty eyes head shaking looks.  That say, "Give that poor urchin a bath.  Scrub his poor peeling head."
I do!, I plead, It doesn't go away!  Nothing makes it go away!  Cast your looks elsewhere!

This is the Wikipedia's baby.  He has Cradle Cap too.
 It doesn't cause any pain or discomfort.  It just looks snake-y.  And not in a cool Slytherin way.  (Who am I kidding? Slytherin isn't cool, you Death Eater.)  When Joe had his 6 month check up the doctor said he heard a wives tale that you could rub oil on it and let it soak for a half hour and then it would be gone.  When I asked what kind of oil, I expected to hear something like Patchouli Oil imported from Egypt.  But he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Baby oil?"
Yeah.  Duh, Patty.  Baby oil.  That makes sense.  And it's like $1.50 at Walgreens.
However, Joey's appointment was over a month ago and I still haven't committed that $1.50 to help his head.  So, I got it in my head that if Baby Oil would work... wouldn't any oil?
Wouldn't Vegetable Oil?
Wouldn't Wesson's 100% Natural Best Blend A Blend of Pure Vegetable & Canola Oils ?
I had that in the cupboard.  Couldn't hurt.  Right?
I convinced Ken to rub it onto Joey's little head.  Joey just smiled and smiled.  Like all puppies, Joey likes getting his head rubbed.
We let it soak in for 30 minutes and then threw him in the tub.

Plus... his hair is super soft and shiny now.  I'm thinking I might bring the Wesson bottle in the shower with me and see what happens.  Couldn't hurt.  Right?


Juli said...

You are awesome! Youngest still gets cradle cap if he's not diligent about scrubbing the shampoo into his scalp. (Hey, he's ten... I no longer supervise and I swear sometimes he doesn't even use the soap.) It's a curse to have thick hair like his Mamma.

If you want to commit to something a bit better smelling than the Wesson, Johnson -n- Johnson's No More Tangles leave in conditioner works well too. OR, if you can keep it out of his eyes, any shampoo with tea tree oil in it. :)

DoublClik said...

Ahahahah "Wouldn't Wesson's 100% Natural Best Blend???" T'would! T'would!

Beth Willmore said...

Oh my heck that's awesome! I would never think of rubbing cooking oil on my child's head, you totally crack me up! I'm glad it worked though!!

Kar said...

Really??? That's so cool!!! I'm glad the Cradle Crap is gone. :)

Barbara said...

Coconut oil works wonderfully too. Plus he will get the benefit of all the good things absorbed into his skin just like if he ate it. Hope that makes sense. Google coconut oil benefits in case I confused you. I came over from Juli's blog and now I'm following yours.