Monday, March 18, 2013

Why I Wear Green

A lot of people Most people Everyone thinks St. Patrick's Day is for Irish people.
A little off there.
As with all of the worlds best... we wouldn't even have St. Patrick's Day if it wasn't for us Italians.

When we were little this is the lesson our Mom taught us:

St. Patrick was Italian.  
He visited Ireland and brought Christianity to the Irish.  
He used the clover to teach about the Godhead.  
Three leaves on one plant.  Father.  Son.  Holy Ghost. 

My mom then encouraged us to wear green to show our Italian Pride.
How could you not be proud to be Italian?  Amadeo Giannini started the Bank of America and financed The Golden Gate Bridge.  You're welcome San Fran.  Leonard Riggio started a little bookshop called Barnes and Noble.  Lee Iacocca?  Chrysler?  Sinatra.  Stallone. Durante. DiMaggio. Columbus comma Christopher.  Yogi Berra. Andrea Bocelli.  Vince Lombardi.  Alphonse Capone.  Jacuzzi isn't just a clever name you know.  Italians have brought you espresso, pizza, pretzels, ice cream cones, cologne, eye glasses, violins, typewriters, and batteries.

I think it's the least we can do to wear green on St. Patrick's Day. 


Juli said...

My boys are both Irish AND Italian. They wear green almost everyday. :)

Kar said...

Columbus comma Christopher. Priceless! I'm a little jealous of your Italian blood. That's what makes you and your sisters such glamazons. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. I have Norwegian blood. Which makes me have a really high forehead. And that's about it. I didn't even get the blonde hair and blue eyes. Or the superhuman strength. (Have you seen that Vikings show on the History channel? Those scandinavian women were tuffffffffffff.)