Monday, March 4, 2013

With Spring Comes Change

I am putting it on the record that the snow is done here.
I can't take another snow storm.

Old dreary Winter Patty is going into summer hibernation and warm, Peppy Patty is back.  (Does Peppy Patty sound better than Patty Peppy?  Try it.  Peppy Patty.  Patty Peppy.  Are you thinking about Pepe le Pew now?)

I'm a Leo.
And, generally, I think all that horoscope, Saturn being the house of Moons during the transition of the stars-  is zodiac malarky...

Therefore, the fact that I check on my daily horoscope is kept mostly under my hat.
But since we're on the topic:

You and a friend could come up with the same words at the same time, which might be a little disconcerting for both of you. 

Wait.  Were you going to say that?  Right now?  No WAY!  That was a little disconcerting.

Still, this increased intuition is likely to help your understanding of those close to you more than you ever expected. Make the most of it, and remember what you learn.

Thanks I do feel an increase in my intuition.  It's telling me to get back on topic.

The sun rejuvenates me.
Maybe because I'm a Leo.  Maybe because I'm human. 

The sun shining has caused this Leo to shake out her mane and do some Spring Things.

1.  Gardening class at a local Nursery last Saturday.  Awesome.  I learned that pruning is an art not a science.  It can take years to master.  But I went lopper ker-AZY when I got home.  And I asked for a chainsaw for Mother's Day.  You don't normally thinking pruning and chainsaw together.  But you haven't seen my back yard/orchard. 

2.  Took a walk with Kolerooski and Jo Bob Millionaire.  We live on a busier street.  But after a careful (and stressful) crossing into safer pastures, we toured the neighborhood.  Just walked up and down streets.  Saw tulips and daffodils popping up.  Saw a few blue blooms on some flowers... not crocuses... but obviously an early bloomer.  Kole called every mailbox "cute."  Which, at first, was cute.  But then after the 75th mailbox I was like, "What's cute about that one?  It's all rusty."  I must of burst his bubble because he switched to cute rocks instead.

3.  Cleaned out under the sink.  I hate it under there.  It's dark.  Stuff misses the garbage can and just rots there.  There have been carrot peels there for at least 45 days. There's no organization.  There's probably spiders.  And I just... beghhh.  Yuck.  But something about that sun shining through the kitchen windows!  Opened it up! Donned my rubber gloves!  And presto.  Cleaned.  5 minutes too.  What CAN'T I do?!

4.  This is the big one.  Applied for school.  I quit school 5 years ago.  I've tried sugar coating it all this time with things like I'm just taking a break and I had to put Ken through school and I got pregnant and then there were babies and excuses, excuses, excuses!  I applied to The University of Utah.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with a counselor to get my classes lined up.  If I can get in.  I am really hoping I get in. 

The sunny weather has got me thinking I probably will. 

What about you?  Anything Spring in your future?


Kar said...

Oooh, I'm so excited you signed up for college again! I know that's been on your "to do" list for a loong time. My tulips are popping out of the ground before my crocuses. What's up with that? But no blooms yet. I keep telling them that it's too soon, not to come out until May. They never listen.

Juli said...

So excited for you and college!!! I also cleaned out the under sink cabinet the other day... I found stuff that missed the trash that I KNOW we haven't eaten in a year. :(

As for your suggestions of baked goods... sadly I haven't the time for 26 baked goodies. Plus I'd have to convert them all to gluten free, which is a pain in the kiester. So I'm aiming to do a broad spectrum of things, from recipes to kitchen experiments, to organizational tips.

Beth Willmore said...

Holy cow that's awesome about registering for classes!

Also - I CANNOT believe you have tulips down there! The sun was actually shining here in Rexburg today, but the high temp was 28 degrees! The snow is definitely going nowhere fast! DE-PRESS-ING. I think ti bring on the summertime I want to get a crazy hair cut/color or get lipo-suction or something like that, or pay someone else to clean out under my cabinets and all the other stuff I don't want to clean! Does that count as spring cleaning?...