Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poulsen Plantation

Ken and I moved into a home with 2 acres of land behind it.  It has a very rural peaceful feeling.  I've contemplated calling it "Tara."  I think the name was lost on Ken (and maybe others).
Kole likes to take "hikes" back there.  There's lots for a little boy to love.  Deer, foxes, snakes, horse poop, deer poop, a trough... that in a moment when I couldn't remember the word "trough" I told Kole it was a deer bath.  I didn't say, "It's to hold water for animals."  I said, "It's a deer bath."  And now that's what Kole calls it.  It's at the very end of the acreage so it's normally our destination point.  To The Deer Bath!  Maybe we'll catch 'em scrubbing down before bed.

With Spring here (I said it.  Cats out of the bag!  It's officially Spring.)  Ken and I have been making plans for our new Plantation.  Or maybe Compound.  Sorta depends on which way we go with it.  I thought Poulsen Plantation.  But when I said Plantation I said it all sing-songy and made me think of  "A Dalmatian Plantation!"  Darn every last one of those 101 Dalmatians.  It's all I think of now when I say Poulsen DALMATIAN Plantation.  It just slips in unwanted.
Ken thinks another woman or two couldn't hurt thus making it a Compound... and, honestly, I'd welcome the help.  He might be on to something. 

We have plans for a big garden.  With way more fruits and vegetables than we can eat.  I know this because I went and bought seed two nights ago.  I bought 19 packs.  And yeah, I got the Swiss Chard.  I don't know what Swiss Chard tastes like but it sure sounded classy so I bought some Swiss Chard Seeds.  Try saying that out loud.  It comes out Swiss Chard Sheeds.  I have a tiller reserved for March 30.  We'll dig out the garden spot, stake a fence, and commence!  (Note to self:  Make friends so I have someone to give vegetables to.  Or just buy canning supplies and learn to can.)

Behind our garden spot is a miniature orchard of sorts.  It already has two peach trees, two apple trees, a pear tree, and a raspberry bush.  But, Costco had fruit trees for $11!  Did I say that loudly enough ELEVEN DOLLARS!  I wanted to score a cherry tree and a plum tree.  Yet to make that happen.  I'd like to add a sitting area and some flower beds to the orchard.  Because fruit trees are just so pretty and lush.  Oooo!  Maybe a hammock.  Wouldn't a little bird bath would be just darling.  Some paths.  Kids love paths.  I love paths. Instant game.  

Beyond The Orchard, there's a big red barn (tours given daily).  The barn will work well for shelter when we move the goats or sheep in.  Ken wants to put a little chicken coop back there too.

I'm thinking of adding a greenhouse... and heck... a water feature too.  I know I've lost it.
Doesn't it sound dreamy here?  So country.  A place to sit back and watch the grass grow and sip lemonade while wearing a big hat.

In about 5 years it will be that place.
For now?

We are past overgrown.  Nature has taken over.  There are trees that have grown through chain link fences. Bushes that are over 20 feet tall.  And all those gorgeous, luscious, shade providing fruit trees... haven't been pruned in, I'd guess, 4 or 5 years.  And are about one third dead.  *defeated sigh*  And the barn... is... well... kinda falling a part. 
And it has some trees growing in/through it. 
But, *clears throat* there's potential. 
Just needs some trimming.

Come on.  Bear with me.  It's Spring!
There's blooms and buds on everything.  It smells fresh and open and new.  It's exciting. 
We've started cutting down and cutting back and cutting out.  And we have what appears to be 6 beaver dams scattered around our yard.

It's a work in progress.  But I've got big dreams for this place. 

 With God as my witness!
*shakes fist doggedly in the air*


Beth Willmore said...

Oh we are the same person Patty! I have high hopes and dreams for our new yard as well (although we don't have enough ground to call it a compound, but I LOVE the idea of Ken getting a few more wives. 1 for cleaning, 1 for cooking, and 1 for any other jobs you don't want to do, like clipping Ken's toenails?...)

Whew - that was slightly off track, but I love your ideas for bushes and trees and paths and tours of the barn! (Ok that last one is a tiny bit weird, but I guess we can still be friends...) and I would TOTALLY come help you trim trees and such, that's my favorite, but I do NOT do anything with the branches that I've cut down. I leave them on the lawn or wherever they fall until Jared gets so irritated with me that he moves them himself. Yup - my plan has worked perfectly for 10 years so far! :)

Good luck with the plantation, and you should definitely get some dalmations to go along with it!

Poulsen Family said...

I'll come take your extra veggies AND can with you! Canning is one of my favorite fall activities. Good luck with your plantation.

Brett and Tiffany said...

Transforming a yard/plantation sounds fun! Remember it will take time. We have lived in our home for 8 years and each year we do another portion of the yard. last spring Brett tore down two trees for a firepit area that we are going to hopefully finish this spring and add a basketball court somewhere.
I think you should raise pigs in your barn! i never thought I would have pigs, but our kids love them...and truth be known, I like them every year too!
good luck with your projects! Can't wait to see the after pics! Have fun with your garden! I love gardening and canning! My kids love helping plant it too!

Kar said...

Dude, guess what I spent Valentine's night doing?? Watching Gone with the Wind! I decided I want to re-read it. I put my name on the little waiting list thingey at the bibliotheque. And guess what I started singing in my head, as soon as I just saw your title? "We'll have a Dalmation Plantation..." We're so 'N Sync. I had several beaver dam piles in my yard last year. My poor dad had to help me cut back because Ben was gone. And nobody would help me haul it to that place where yard stuff goes. So I put it in all the dumpsters in my alley. Filled every single one in my entire alley to the very top.