Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Chill in my Bones

Last night, after Young Women, I decided to walk Rusty. Normally I wait for Ken and we go together- but he was going to be at church until 10 or 10:30 and I wasn't wanting to wait that long. Also, the night before Rusty McGrew was up every two hours walking around making noise doing his little whining thing. In short, keeping me awake. I was determined to walk that pup into a good night's sleep! So, I strapped on my boots, put on a hat, gloves, scarf, and ear covers and headed out into the night. I bet none of you actually stepped outside last night because it was so FREAKING cold out. But it was worse than it looked.

The first couple blocks were fine. Serene even. The snow made everything quieter. No one was out. Not even cars. There was some snowy rainy mixture falling and it was just me and my pup. I was ready to walk for hours! Then we turned a corner. Into the wind. Not good. It burned it was so cold. I figured 'it's got to get better.' Didn't. The wind didn't let up. Soon my eyes were really hard and I started seeing little ice crystals forming on the corners of my eye! My eyelashes were frozen! I examined the rest of my attire. I was a walking sheet of ice. My coat had a thin layer of ice on it- the kind that covers your windshield and my pants were totally stiff. I looked at Rusty. Frozen- but smiling. My hair that was coming out of my hat? Frozen. White. After the initial shock and convincing myself that I was not frost bitten... I thought it was kinda cool. And, I think I am pretty much the only person who experienced that last night. But next time I might try to get Rusty on the treadmill with me. Much warmer.


johnandjana said...

You are a real trooper! I probably wouldn't have even thought about walking the dog. Good job!

Karlenn said...

Last night really was awful. You are so brave. We went to the temple visitor's center for FHE, and when we came out, our windshield had all that freezing rain on it, and we had to practically get out a pick-axe to chip it off!!

Kay. I have now caught up on my Patty Posts. Sorry I was a non-commenter for awhile. December was nutty, and I'm trying to catch up now. So you'll have to go clear back to "I Heart iPod" and read all my cute little comments. Blogger is being a brat and wouldn't let me comment on some posts, so I put the comments I would have put, into the posts that it let me. I don't know if that makes sense. You'll see.

By the way. I applauded Ben when he came home from work on Monday, and he just stared at me, like, "Are you being sarcastic?" And I told him that I was doing it to show him I appreciated him, and he told me not to do it again, that it is too creepy. Hahaha!

Lyner said...

oh man that was a bad night! I was on my way home from utah and then headed to rexburg and it was windy, cold and just icy.! good times

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wouldn't have gone outside! LOL That's funny that even your hair was frozen!