Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Victoria is the second born. I have no doubt in my mind that she was born as willful, determined, and strong as she is now. I mean, no matter hard a person tries they can't "become" that determined over night! When Victoria goes for something there is no looking back. Which is why she will be running a marathon in Hawaii this spring. (See what I mean? Not only running a marathon but doing it in Hawaii! Top of the top.) When Victoria was younger she was Vicky. She claims she's been asking us to call her Victoria since she was 10. But, I just started in the last year or two. Vicky and I shared a room for most of our lives. Every night before bed Vicky wanted me to sing to her or read to her until she fell asleep. For those of you out there who don't have sisters this might seem weird. Maybe it seems weird to people who do have sisters. It was always nice for me and her. She loved the songs from the Broadway musical "Ragtime." And her favorite book to listen to was Mr. Popper's Penguins. We must have read that book 75+ times. It's a "novel" by the hugest stretch of the word. More like a novella, but charming and warm all the same.
Vickers is extremely ambitious. As a pre-teen she advertised to get as all of out babysitting clients. And these people weren't one-night gigs. Vicky had a contract written up binding the client to our services for "x" amount of time. Very professional. Vicky also headed a number of clubs we started as sisters and with a few neighborhood friends. Namely, The Oreo Club (not hard to guess what that was about) and The Super Sister Club. We had ID cards and meetings and drawings. Each club had a goal. The Oreo Club's goal was to practice enough to win the Oreo Stacking Contest at Foodland at the beginning of summer. The Super Sister Club's goal was to go on a train ride (and do service for each other). Victoria was always the president of these clubs, and that title suits her.
Today, Victoria is a writer. Really talented. She still lives in Pittsburgh. (Lucky.) She has promised us that she won't move and I know that she won't. She is Editor in Chief of the magazine she works for and recently started her own- Edible Allegheny. It's a food magazine based on the regional foods of Pittsburgh, which is in Allegheny County. Hence the Allegheny. Her magazine recently took home a swarm of awards from national critics. She's on a roll.
Like my other sisters, Victoria is gorgeous. She has this hair. Wow. It falls over her face and shoulders and always looks super hot. Plus, Vicky is really good at making the "perfect face" for a camera. Like in "serious pictures" I always ALWAYS looked pissed off. But Victoria shines. Constantly.
On top of being a fantastic writer, a devoted sister, and a super-model she knows literally everything about pop culture and the latest news. It just soaks into her I guess. She knows who is dating who, who had a baby, who is breaking up, what movies to go see, etc etc etc. But (!) on top of that she also knows the current state of the union. She knows all about the president/president-elects goals and plans for the future. And she has a very well thought out opinion on it. You know those people who have an opinion about everything and sometimes you can just TELL they just thought of it? Totally not Victoria. She is opinionated. But they are smart opinions. Thought-out. It's amazing.
In closing, Victoria is an amazing conversationalist. She can talk to anyone about anything but any period of time. It puts me at extreme ease- because I am a bit of a stutterer. But with V- all is well.

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