Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Krissy is the oldest. Need I say more?

Not really, but I'd feel bad if I didn't. Krissy has a real dynamite personality. She is the center of attention wherever she goes. One thing that draws people to Krissy is her openness. There is no holding back with Kris. This makes her ideal for karaoke parties, dances, and improv. She just gets up there and shines. She do whatever... whatever it takes to get a laugh out of a crowd. A party is not complete without Krissy.
Krissy is the sister who has provided me with nieces and nephews. And, as all of you know, I love children and try to kidnap them and take them to my house- so I am very pleased that Krissy has 3 beautiful kids. A set of twins (Evan and Bradley) and a baby girl (Josslynn). They all look exactly like their father. Krissy likes to plan activities for them. Like she'll set up a treasure hunt for her boys, who are seriously into pirates right now. She'll hide little maps and clues around the house and actually bury a tin box full of old change. The kids love it!
I can honestly say, Krissy is crafty. And not in the sense where she goes to Robert's and buys a book and reads all about how to do something and then practices and practices and finally nails it. Krissy goes to DI buys an old bed frame for 10 bucks and makes benches and coat racks and booster seats. It's incredible. Her house is incredible. It's like stepping into a magazine.
Krissy has the weirdest nickname of us all. My dad loves nick names, so, we all have them. I am Moby-meister (for reading Moby Dick when I was 12), Julie is Jules-a-bug-stinkweeder. Andi is Andi Candy Princess Girl (hers is cute....hmmm), Vicky is Vic-tori-boos and Krissy is... Teener Wiener. ? Yeah. Don't know. But I Love calling her Teener Wiener. She's been telling me for years that it's not funny anymore- but I'm still laughing!


Anonymous said...

You look so much like all of your sisters! You look the most like Julie, or Julie looks most like you:) That would be so fun to be so close with your sisters. It seems the older I get the farther from my sisters I get. :P

Brett and Tiffany said...

I have loved these blogs! You inspire me! I bet your sisters LOVE you to death!

johnandjana said...

It has been way fun to read about your sisters. I love the nicknames.

Karlenn said...

Your dad sounds so cute. I love it when people nickname me. It makes me happy. I loved these entries. I need to get on it, ASAP.