Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Auld Lang Syne

"Auld Lang Syne" means "old long since" or "long long ago" or "days gone by." The modern day expression might be, "for old time's sake" or "the gold old days." It all captures the spirit of Auld Land Syne. To me, it's letting go of the old and facing the new.
Ken and I are old fogies and spend our New Years Eve at home, alone. We've started a little tradition of going to the grocery store and getting something "special." Something that is rarely on our menu and we have a nice dinner together (by candlelight ooo lala) and watch movies and play games and just be. One year we have big rib-eye steaks. One year we had big clams and clam chowder with shrimp and scallops. This year- I got to pick and... we had Appetizer Night! The main attraction were huge rock shrimp. But I thought of every appetizer I loved and we stocked up. It didn't really flow but man was it good! Shrimp and cocktail sauce, jalapeno poppers, chips and guacamole, veggie tray, 3 different cheeses and pepperoni, spanish olive dip and crackers, oh it was awesome. I ate snacks for 4 days! No guilt! It wasn't as elegant as eves past but it was just what the doctor ordered. Maybe you think we are dorky for staying in and not going to parties- but I really want to spend my time with Ken. He is the most important person to me. I'd be with him at midnight anyway- so why not be with him at midnight... just the two of us?

New Years Day we lounged around and snacked... and talked about resolutions. Ken has got us all beat already. He lost 18 pounds in December! Talk about the biggest loser! He said he wanted to get a head start on his resolution. 18 pounds! He's looking mighty fine. Mighteeeey fine.

I read over the last week that an optimist stays up until midnight to welcome in the new year and a pessimist stays up until midnight to make sure the old one leaves.

2009 is here. Tabula Rasa.


Karlenn said...

I'm seriously so glad that I talked to you on New Year's Eve, because I was majorly grumpy that my family made different plans and that Ben and I were going to be "losers" with no party to go to, AGAIN!! But you totally changed my mind! It really was quite nice to just hang out with Ben. And the kids, I guess. It's nicer when they're asleep. :) But it was very laid-back and pleasant. So I'm changing my tune about being losers if we don't go to a party. I'm starting to think I'm just going to enjoy an evening in from now on.

Lyner said...

That is nice! I am glad you didn't come with Ken to our overwhelming household! Can't wait until I have a best friend that is a Man i must add that I can share those kind of nights with:)

Anonymous said...

It's always better with you and the hubby. Mark and I did the same thing:) Out the kids to bed and then watched a movie. Although, we didn't stay up til midnight!:)