Friday, January 9, 2009


Next up in line, is Julia Alyce. Jules-a-bug Stinkweeder. Julie- Ooley. Ja-wools. Julie. The 4th of 5. She has always been the most fashionable. Yes, even more than Andi. She has the perfect body. Literally, this girl has a 6 pack. She's 6 foot and has that incredible athletic look to her without looking boyish. Julie is also unbelievably smart. Naturally smart. I mean I can study my buttocks off and appear to be smart but Julie can look at a problem and go "Oh! The answer is 7 > x squared over the logarithm of y (z cubed)." Yeah. Smart. Julie laughs constantly. I find it admirable. When something is funny to her- she laughs. Right. Out. Loud. (Emphasis on loud.) And she laughs at herself which is a great quality. Sometimes people can be too reserved and something is funny but they just giggle a little. Not Julie. She lets out a whole-hearted laugh. To me, that's proof that she enjoys her life. Julie served a mission in Peoria, Illinois and got back this last July. She was a stellar missionary. All of her companions, her mission president, and her converts loved her. The above was the picture on her missionary plaque. Bold, huh? My sisters- don't do the average thing. A great thing about Julie is she can make a game out of anything. She loves playing games. She is also very competitive. I think those two are intricately connected. When we were growing up Julie had two favorite games Monopoly and CLUE. When we played CLUE she always had to be Ms. Scarlet. She claimed it gave her an advantage. And in Monopoly she had to be the car, she had to sit in front of St. James Place, with the Go arrow facing her. Silly, huh? You know in Monopoly you can have "house rules?" One of ours stemmed from an actual rule in the game. You know when someone lands on your property they have to pay you rent or some type of payment. We made a rule (don't control your laughter) that people still had to pay you for landing on your property but if you landed on your own property the back had to pay you whatever was due! Cool rule! Needless to say, the bank was always running out of money so we had to manufacture our own and the game lasted days. Julie has always been the family clown. She's taken a bit of a back seat recently but man is she funny! She likes to tell jokes. I'll end with one of her (and my) favorites.

Q: What's Snoop Dogg's favorite type of precipitation?
A: Drizzle.


Karlenn said...

That's a funny joke!! This is a cute idea. I might need to do it on my own blogster. Julie seems really fun. All your sisters seem fun.

Lyner said...

That is hilarious! You say are fam is awesome, your sisters seem way fun and man, you are amazing!

Jules said...

You are so sweet. You are such a great sister.