Friday, January 16, 2009


So, call it vanity if you want- but it feels wrong that I didn't blog about the best of the Bradley girls (wink wink), Patty. Even though she is the middle child she was always considered one of the "Little Girls." The Little Girls did everything together. Patty liked it that way. She started the infamous Yob Club. "Yob" is boy spelled backwards. 3 guesses what the club focused on. The Yob Club had Olympics, Christmas parties, field-trips, service projects, secret passwords, secret knocks, secret meeting places. And we talked about BOYS all the time.
In 2nd grade Patty got glasses. She picked plastic frames that had a light blue and lilac flower collage on them. In 4th grade Patty got a perm. A real, tight-curled grandma perm. Patty can't figure out why she thought she was so cool back then. When Patty was in 7th grade she got contacts and was allowed to wear make-up. She was in the gifted program and won the school 3 awards at the Creative Convention for the state of Pennsylvania. (Hold on... let me get that dirt of my shoulder.)
Patty was kind of friends with everybody in high school. Didn't follow the clique rules real well. And that was well-accepted by the school. Popular by no means but known by all. She cut her hair her sophomore year. Not to her shoulders or anything.... to her scalp. Over the next three years it was blond, red, white, and black. She likes variety.
10 days after high school she flew to Idaho to go to school at Ricks. Actually in 2002 (which was the year she graduated) it officially became BYU-Idaho. (cue confetti!) Although there were a lot of weird things about Idaho Patty thought she'd never get used to- she found a home here. 2 years later her parents found a home here too. That was weird.
After a year and half of school, Patty was asked to leave BYU-I and never go back. They thought she was a bad person! (The nerve. And don't look forward to hearing why... that's confidential.) Patty- feeling quite liberated and quit like a loose cannon took her first big tax refund and flew to Germany to be a nanny for a family there. Her love for kids and adventure drove her ambition to get there. She stayed for 6 months and started her life-long love affair with Europe. It's truly a different and magical place. To me it feels somewhat biblical or medieval or just not quite this century. I/she loves it.
Patty's mom told her she had to date 100 guys before she could get married and she had to write about all of them in a notebook. Give Patty a challenge and she can't back down. She went through 84 and refused 2 marriage proposals before she met Ken. Lucky number 85. That's another post.
I am a peacemaker. I hate confrontation. I avoid it any way I can. Even when it ends up being detrimental to me. I love to dance to booty shaking music. Especially when I am wearing really shiny lip gloss. I could spend years in my garden and never realize a minute has passed. I like to listen more than I like to talk. I can't pose like a model but I love my smile. LA-HOVE my smile. I think catching a fish is the biggest high out there- even when it's only 4 inches long. I love thrill rides. I like to party. I like to party. I like to party. I'm okay spending time alone. I have a few solid friends and I know that's all I will ever need.


Karlenn said...

Am I one of your solid friends??? I think it's so great that you love your smile, because it's fantastic. I think I'm going to start my sister blogs today. What are you guys doing Saturday night? Did I tell you that we have converted my family to Speed Scrabble? True story.

Natalie said...

Can I be in your YOB club, I might be able to contribute a little!!! I dont recall any parts of your life including you and I as children, did you forget we got perms the same time I cried and you laughed what were we thinking!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're so funny, patty! LA-HOVE your smile too:) How awesome that you went to Germany for 6 months! I'd love to travel, but I have my heart set on New Zealand. Mark went on his mission there and is Dying to go back. And what are you talking about when you say you're not a talker? You've always seemed like a talker to me:) LOL Do you hang out with Tori much anymore?

Lyner said...

I think this is the cutest idea. I want to copy you and that lame? :) I actually need to be creative and think of something to say on my blogs. I just am not good at this! Love you girl and you are sooo beautiful! Plus I love your smile and you are such a role model to me! Oh and everyone else around you!