Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Love Lockdown

Every night before bed I lock all the doors. I LOCK all the doors. If it has a lock I turn it. Maybe it's because I am from Pittsburgh and I don't trust people. Even in Idaho Falls. I am pretty sure Ken would sleep with everything open and unlocked and would feel safe. Whatever. I, on the other hand, lock up.

Our front door has one of those chain locks (from old 80's movies) in addition to a regular lock. ( I don't know are they called dead bolts?) Anyway, Ken is always heckling me that I don't need to do such a thorough job and that chain doesn't do a "darn" thing. I do it anyway. Every morning Ken undoes the chain before he leaves (which is before I do) so he can get in at lunch time.

Do you see where this story is going?

One day last week we both left at the same time. I was wanting to get an early start on my day so we left simultaneously with a good bye kiss. The chain remained in lock position.

I get a call about 12:45:


P: Can't talk because she is laughing too hard.

K: "QUIT IT! What am I supposed to do! I'm hungry! I need lunch! Rusty's in there!"

P: (Through laughter) "You normally un-do the chain it's not my fault you can't get in."

K: "Oh yes it is! You lock it every night so no one comes in, not even your own husband! And this morning you distracted me because you left at the same time I did. I wasn't focused."

P: (Still laughing) "Do you want me to drive home or something?"

K: "Quit being stupid." Ranting and Raving

P: "Hey! I know! I'll push the garage door clicker and maybe it'll open!"


He hung up. He was mad. I thought it was so funny! The garage door opener. Ha! From Rigby! I am more like my mom every day.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Funny! I hope he got inside:)

The Empey Fam! said...

Hahahaha thats hilarious! I have one of these locks on my doors too! LOVE IT! haha and thanks Mary loves you too Patty!

Natalie said...

you have to be the funniest person that I know, good one patters

johnandjana said...

Did he get lunch? Do you still have the chain there or is it gone now? John would have gotten rid of it.

Brett and Tiffany said...

I am the same way...locking all of the doors every night...even if Brett said he has already locked it...I still go down and check it to make sure it is still locked. Wait until you have kids. That adds a new dimension...then you have to lock the doors and go around to each of their beds and make sure their covers are on and they are asleep.

Karlenn said...

So what did he end up doing?? I guess it's a good excuse to eat out for lunch, but poor little Rusty probably really needed to go potty.

Lyner said...

lol!!! my apartment automatically locks so its a pain in the butt when I forget my key and all my roommates are out and about. You are a funny girl! miss ya!

Harrigfeld said...

So funny!! That is exactly what chad and I fight about. I guess us big city girls are just careful and one day they will thank us. OR something will happen and they will get mad that we didn't lock the door for once. That would be our fault too.

Gramma n Grampa said...
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Gramma n Grampa said...

That is sooo funny! I really laughed.
It's better to be safe then sorry. There are a lot of weird-O's out there.

Aubrey said...


Aubrey said...