Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Remember when Anonymous was associated with something nice, pleasant, and usually uplifting?  Someone "anonymously" raked all my leaves.  An "anonymous" donor gave the money for the library. Or you got a letter from your secret admirer signed "Anonymous."  Well, maybe you did- but I wasn't ever really secretly (or openly) admired in 4th grade when those letters were all the hype.  Psht.  Don't know why.  I thought bluish old lady glasses, fully buttoned shirts, brushed out perms, and Chiclet teeth were what the boys were after back in '94.
Anonymous was so mysterious and generous.  To be Anonymous was the Ultimate in brotherly kindness.  You did something compassionate and then didn't take any credit for it.  You were Anonymous.  Highly regarded among mystics and library card holders.
But now, with the Internet, Anonymous means something completely different.  It means you can say whatever you want without consequences. Being Anonymous has given people the liberty to say things they would never say to some one's face (or even out loud) and post it where everyone and anyone can read it and jump on the Anonymous Band Wagon themselves.  Often without using a form of spell check.

Being Anonymous has always seemed cool to me but when did being mean also become cool?

The Anonymous Commenter needs to stop.  Belittling and attacking someone simply because they don't know who you are doesn't provide entertainment for that long, does it?  Calling someone a bad mom, a bad person, or swearing?  Really?  Do you know that hurts.  To be called those things?  No matter what level of self-esteem you are soaring on... those comments hurt.  Because the person reading them is real.  The person reading them is not Anonymous.  Real.  And attacked on a personal level being called by their own name. 

Anonymous doesn't mean invisible.
What you say is visible.

However... if you insist on being Anonymous... get back to the roots.  Bring Anonymous out of the mud and back to the gold standard it previously enjoyed!  Leave an Anonymous comment.  A nice one.  A comment that will leave the author smiling for days.  Partly because they have no idea who sent it.  Become the secret admirer.
Stay Anonymous.  Change the stereotype.


Angela said...

Perfectly said. I love reading your blog. It is real, not the I'm the perfect wife, mother, friend, church goer etc. You are true to who you are and enjoy sharing that with others. Thank you for sharing with me.

Kar said...

Please tell me someone didn't write a nasty anonymous comment to you. It's happened to me a few times, and it hurts. A LOT. I loved this post, because people need to hear it. The new anonymous (the bad one) is really just another name for cowardice.

Jackie said...

You are wonderful,gorgeous, and loved! Anonymous

Jackie said...

You are wonderful,gorgeous, and loved! Anonymous

Juli said...

AH! I hate the anonymous haters. I finally had to stop accepting anonymous comments.

I would love it if they would use their power for good and not evil, but alas... these are troubling times.

Poulsen Family said...

Love your posts. Love your blog. I wish I could write half as good as you do. You're so entertaining and witty. And no, I'm not saying this because you asked for a compliment ;) I whole heartily mean it!

~Kayla~ said...
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~Kayla~ said...

Thought I would leave an anonymous comment just to mess with you! By the way....still thinking of what to send you :) I have some ideas up my sleeve!

But then I realized that you dont allow them hahaha! So I had to delete my origional comment so I could add this tidbit on! HAHA!

kaleen said...

Patty! Found your blog! haha I love it! You are awesome.

Text me your email address and I'll invite you to my blog. Which means I'll need to update it... because my last post was in December...



Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Wish I could just hit a 'Like' button! Like the post and Like you too! xo

Dawn said...

You are brilliant!! I love reading what you write. It's spot on!!