Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We went to get another ultrasound yesterday. Dr. Huggins said it was to set a more definite due date. (Original date: July 17th Other Date: July 9th) She told the technician it was to check on the baby to see if there were any effects from my brain tumor that have gotten to the baby. THAT was a surprise. Thanks for telling us doc!

It still catches me off guard when a doctor asks, "How's your brain tumor?" They say it so nonchalantly. Like they are asking "How'd that math test go today, hun?" I always kind of shake my head in disbelief and try to soak in the question. I always want to ask them a super sensitive and personal question. But can never think of one on the spot.

Anyha. Upward and onward.

I love getting ultrasounds. We asked Sheri to come with us yesterday- she has never seen one, never had one, and this whole pregnancy concept is so new to her. So me, Ken, and Sheri all went. We went to the imaging center at the hospital and it was so techy! They had a big screen on the wall for guests to watch- a screen for the tech- and then a screen on the ceiling for moi! Total spoilage right? They put that hot goop on and ziggy zag their wand all over your stomach making comments like "The femur looks good" and "Nice head size." And all the while I'm thinking "That was a femur?" "I never saw a head?" "Who are you people?" "Where am I?" those poor technicians have to deal with us untrained civilians all day long.

We had a regular tech AND an ultrasound specialist. (invasion of tech-nerds!) I keep calling him a paleontologist, even though that's a dinosaur guy. It sounds like paleontologist whatever it is that he is titled.

He made all the measurements again and compared them with the young ladies. His diagnosis?

"Name him Hans or Bruno because he will be a bruiser."

This baby who is 31.5 weeks along according to due date 7/17 is FOUR AND A HALF POUNDS! That's the 96th percentile for babies at that stage. He said he is measuring for a due date of June 23rd. A whopping 3 weeks before the original due date. Aye Ka Mama!

There is nothing wrong with a big chubby baby in my book and the paleontologist agreed. He said his only concern is if he continues to grow above the curve- he will be well over 10 pounds when he is born. Which can be complicated and painful for da mama. I'm not worried in the slightest.

The regular techs diagnosis you are wondering?

"Skip the 0-3 months clothes. He'll never fit in them."


Karlenn said...

See? The weight has been ALL HIM! I wonder if Dr. Huggins and Kissins will induce you a couple of weeks early. I'd vote for that. It's hard enough pushing an eight-pounder out... I can't imagine a ten-pounder.

Karlenn said...

Oh, and was it a perinatologist? I might know him! The perinatologists and I are tight in this pregnancy...

Anonymous said...

Yes, ask Dr. H to induce you early!! I got induced a week and a half early with Brynnan and she didn't put up a fit with that, but my neighbor said Dr. H wouldn't induce her. I think she'll be on your side though, with how big the babe is!:)

Perinatologist is the type of Dr. I had one look at my ultrasounds when I was 16 weeks along. I didn't actually speak to him or even see him, but he was there. LOL

Hope he's not 10 lbs for your sake! But he definitely won't fit in 0-3 month clothes! I don't think Brynnan did either. LOL And he was wearing some 12 month clothes at 5 months!! Yikes!

Natalie said...

next time you go ask her how menopause is going, ya sucks huh,ya jerk! Petty I can't stop laughing at your post, you are hilarious, pregnancy has brought out a side of you that is to die for!

Ohh So Pretty!! said...

haha LOVE IT! So they said Mary was a chubbster too but she cam out at 5 lb 15 oz ( she was 2 weeks early though!) hehe Anyway I hope you dont have to push out a 10 pounder! Also if she wont induce you then eat LOTS AND LOTS of watermelon you will for sure get contractions hehehe!

Ohh So Pretty!! said...

oh and this is Emily Empey! i forgot was under my business account! hehe