Monday, May 24, 2010


My mom never really said "I love you." when we were little. She showed it and expressed it in a million different ways- but the words were too awkward in our house. Even dad's phrase was "Who Do I Love?" and we each would respond "Me." It worked. I have always felt loved. Always. My mom did a lot of special things to make us each feel important. She'd talk to us and ask us questions about our lives. She'd make individual valentines for us and help us with school projects. I remember having to make a papermache head of an explorer we were studying. We made the heads in art and then had to take them home to decorate. My head was Ferdinand Magellan. I stayed up "late" working on him and he didn't look so great. We had gotten some fake hair at Joann's and I didn't know what I was doing. I went to bed with a finished, but ugly head. The hair was so scarce! When I woke up there was a beautiful Ferdinand Magellan head on the dining room table! With a thick head of hair and a full beard! And he was smiling at me! My mom was the papermache head fairy. (I still have that head in my memories box.) She was always doing stuff like that to let us know she loved us.

And now, with my little baby on the way, I see I have totally underestimated how much she loves me. She felt the same about me as I feel about him. That's incredible. I had no idea.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Aren't moms the best! I love my mom too and I know she did and still does so much for me! Maybe she will even read this and know that I love her so much! :)
p.s. The whole doctor thing...don't put up with that! There are better doctors around here that treat you GREAT! Let me know if you want a referral! I LOVED my doctor!

Lyner said...

That was so sweet of your mom to help out with Ferdinand Magellan. So I was looking at the picture and I have seen your parents around here! Your dad is one of the bishops in the stake and I would see your mom and thought she looked so familiar! She is in the stake relief society right? Great people! I have heard both speak, very strong testimony!

Karlenn said...

That is so cool that she fixed your Magellan head. So sweet. People always told me that a mother's love for her child was stronger than any other love, but I didn't realize it until Dylan was born. And the rest of my kids. I would do anything for them. Anything.

Anonymous said...

I love you mom:) Even though I've never met her she sounds really awesome! I totally agree about a mother's love too! I'd do anything for my kiddos and the one that hasn't even been born yet.