Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Movie Review

Last night I watched "Where The Wild Things Are." I remember my Uncle Victor had the book and I always thought it was beautiful. The previews looked very soft. Magical. Moving. I was really excited to watch it.
I was let down. A lot. I think this movie should be called "Where The Sad Things Are" or "Where The Really Angry Depressed Things Are." I don't think it's a kid movie at all. The characters are from the book- but that's it.
Max (the little boy) is upset with his family.... his dad is gone, his sister ignores him, his mom is dating a new man. He yells and screams all the time. (The entire movie is yelling and screaming.) He bites his mom and runs away to this "land" where the "wild things are." They make them their king and then are really mean to him and each other. They all have problems- like psychological problems. Chronic depression, OCD, nervousness. I know that kids wouldn't get that- but it was uncomfortable to watch. These wild things fight the whole movie. Nothing goes right. After a big fight Max decides to go home. He does and his mom gives him a hug and the movie ends.
An hour and a half of yelling angry people and monsters. Not how I remember the kids book- at all.

The characters, however, looked just like the book did. THAT was impressive.
James Gandolfini voices one of the Wild Things too. That was cool.

But, seriously, skip this rental.
It was a bomb-nugget.


Karlenn said...

Sooo glad I haven't rented it! The kids' book freaked me out when I was little, so I have had zero desire to watch the movie. A kid yelling for an hour and a half - no thanks. I get kids yelling all day long around these parts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I didn't really like it either. But the wild thing costumes were awesome!!