Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Morn

When we were little girls mom and dad would set a time for us to get up.  It was normally 7:30.  Going to bed was so hard.  We wanted to stay up to hear Santa's reindeer.  Krissy claims she saw Rudolph one year.  The whole room glowed red on Christmas Eve.  That's proof enough for me.  Dad always read the Christmas story.  Mom had this picture that was stained glass of an angel.  I feel like we read the story next to that angel.  When we woke up in the morning, whatever time it was, we would all meet on some one's bed.  I remember it being Vicky's bed a lot.  We'd sit there with the lights off and stare at the clock.  6:30.  6:35.  Every year someone claimed that they heard a puppy during the night.  6:50.  We'd giggle and laugh in red and white striped pajamas.  Nightgowns occasionally. 7:15.  We'd move into the hall and wait outside of mom and dad's door.  Julie would sneak in the bathroom and do her hair.  Andi would follow.  7:30.  It's time!  One of us would go in and get mom and dad up.  I never did.  We'd wait at the top of the steps and dad would go down to make sure Santa came.  He'd light the tree and put on some Christmas music.  Then, stand at the bottom of the stairs and announce, "He came.  Come one down."  The spread of present was always spectacular.  Piled under the tree. One year there was a bike.  One year there was a train set.  One year there was a camera, another year a watch. One year there was a Barbie house taller than we were.  Santa always knew what to get us.  After presents were stockings.  There was always special shampoo and an orange in the toe.  I'd get Pantene and Andi would get No More Tangles.  Mom would make a big breakfast, usually cinnamon rolls.  We'd be allowed to bring one present over to Grandma's house.  I've loved Christmas since I was a little girl.  Still do.
Ken makes them just as magical as when I was little.
It makes me excited for Kole.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Your Christmas morning traditions sound a lot like ours! Christmas is magical! It is fun to be a mom and start the traditions in your own family that your kids will always remember! Merry Christmas!

Karlenn said...

That sounds so much like us! We all slept together in my room every year, clear until the year I got married. We never slept. Then we had to walk past the living room to Mom and Dad's room, and we couldn't peek. So fun.