Tuesday, December 21, 2010


There are a lot of things that Ken is good at.
Driving in reverse. Singing like Brad Paisley. Cooking anything I feel like. Hanging Kole upslidedown.  Paying the bills without complaining.  Shoveling snow super fast.  Growing a beard (it takes like... a day.)  Coming up with nicknames.  Giving talks using only an outline.  Mental Math.  Texting.  Summarizing books without giving away the ending, or the suspense.  Mailing things.  Cooking breakfast sausages.  Trimming toenails (our entire family (of 3) has lovely toenails thanks to Ken.)  Teaching without being preachy.  Starting a fire.  Casting a fly rod.  Finding the best song on the radio.  Picking out souvenirs.  Visualizing.  Doing electrical work.  Popping zits.  Memorizing things.  Ordering the best thing on the menu.  Listening without giving advice.  Telling jokes.  Cleaning the kitchen.  Dancing.  Microsoft Excel. Beating me at Phase 10.  Beating me at Sequence.  Beating me at Parcheesi.  Saying "no" without actually using that word.  Changing diapers... he's fast and thorough.  Saving.  Letting me know when I have something in my hair, on my face, or in my teeth.  Writing in cards.  Seeing something through to the end.  Providing for us.  Taking pictures.  Completely relaxing.  Drying off.  Making decisions.  Small talk.
Thinking of me.
Putting me first.
Loving me.

I've got a killer husband. 
I definitely married up.


Chris+Jules said...

This is so sweet. I can't wait to get together and beat each other at games and relax and play with babies and have a FANTASTIC Christmas!!!

Brett and Tiffany said...

What a guy! You sure married good, but Ken married better! enjoy your Christmas! I still want to get together sometime!

Karlenn said...

I really, really loved this post! So specific! I'm always like, "He's really loving." "He's a good dad." "He's smart." I need to do a specific post like this, maybe in honor of our upcoming anniversary. P.S., I need to call you. I've been soooo crazy busy this week!! Let's do lunch next week, on me. I'll call you.