Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello My Pretties

Today I got an early Christmas present.  It's from my step-grandma-in-law.  "Sheri's Mom" is so much easier to say.  She has hated her washer and dryer since she bought them... a year ago.  Oer the weekend she decided to buy some she really wanted.  Which were the old top loader kinds.  She gave me her new/old ones. 

They are spectacular!  They are front loaders and she had this cool pedestal built so you don't have to bend over.  They are ultra quiet.  And the buttons (!!) So fun.  It tells you how long each cycle takes and let me tell you... none of them take very long.  I am washing all of Kole's clothes (another post) and one load on cold, slow spin, delicates takes 29 minutes!!  That's it!  Watch out Kelly Ripa, you've got competition.  My old washer which was Bob and Sheri's old washer before it was my old washer took about an hour and a half to wash any load.  It was thorough.... but slow. 
AND  extra bonus... I had the old washer and dryer taken to Northgate Appliance and...even though they had no use for the washer (they guessed it was about 18 years old) but gave me $60 for my dryer!  I'm rich!!


Chris-baby + Jules-a-bug said...

Don't you love making money on things that you got for free? Hahaha...I DO! A new washer and dryer sounds so nice. We have front loaders in our little apartment, and I hate them because they are stacked, which means I not only have to bend WAY down to get them in the washer--I have to haul heavy, wet clothes to the dryer on top. I consider that my workout...when it happens....every other week. :)

Nat said...

That's awesome (both the money and the new washer/dryer)! I would like to someday have mine up on some sort of platform-well, my dryer, anyway, so I don't have to bend over. A platform wouldn't work on my washer since it's a top loader. But then they would look awkward. So, never mind.

Natalie said...

hot stuff patters, your moving up the washing and drying world. I'm not there yet but I aspire to be you!