Monday, December 13, 2010

A Tale of Two Patty's

1.  Parking and going right into the store.
2.  Sleeping.
3.  Staying silent while grocery shopping.
4.  Getting dressed.  Everyday.
5.  Knowing what I am doing.
6.  Ken as my husband and not Kole's Dad.
7.  Not being thirsty 24/7.
8.  Being able to read a whole book in a week.  Maybe 2.
9.  Dry clothes... especially in the chest area.
10.  Talking about things besides the baby.

1.  Having Kolester as my sidekick everywhere I go.
2.  Middle of the night snuggle sessions.
3.  Narrating each grocery aisle to Koler being sure to include my favorite and least favorite items.
4.  Switching from pajamas to sweats and counting that as "dressed."
5.  How everyday brings something new I've never tried before.
6.  Seeing Ken bond with Kole, even for just a couple days at a time.
7.  My cool new metal water bottle.  It keeps water SO cold.
8.  Reading to Kole every morning and every night.  And giving him my critique of his books.
9.  Being able to give my baby all the nutrients he needs... straight from my body to his.
10.  Talking exclusively about the baby.


Chris+Jules said...

Let's see, I miss number 1, 2, 4, and 7 A LOT! Especially number 1. Number 2 is getting better (whew). But I just realized, your number two on things you wouldn't trade IS interfering with your number 2 on things you miss. And it sounds like number 8 from the second list should help with number 8 on the first...maybe they aren't as long, but he is only 4 months old. His brain! His brain!!! Oh...I see, the numbers all correlate. I believe that is called parallelism. And you do a fine job at it. Currently, the number one thing I am missing from pre-motherhood IS leaving the bathroom door open. Gah!

Karlenn said...

I loved this post, Pats! I always feel so strange when I'm out and about without the kids. I love it. But if I was at home without them, I would just be...lost. I feel badly for you with the leakage up top. I'm proud of you that you were able to make breastfeeding work. Kole is so healthy and smart. I wonder if Gage would be doing better if I had tried to do that for him...