Saturday, March 5, 2011

"We're on Vacation."

When me and Ken-bo take a trip somewhere- we like to come out of our shells. When we question each other or ourselves as to whether or not we should do something- the answer always seems to be "We're on Vacation."  Which means yes.  We order fun things on the menu.  Like appetizers AND desserts at lunch time. Because, "We're on Vacation." Or we'll go window shopping and see something we love that is maybe out of the souby budget.  (Souby- n. souvenir)  But we look at each other, smile, and throw our hands up, "We're on Vacation."  Should we wear matching touristy sweat shirts? "We're on vacation."  Can we kiss and hold hands in the middle of a crowd? "We're on vacation."
"We're on vacation." is a free pass to do whatever the hellya want to do.
This week me and the Koley-olly-o went on vacation to Salt Lake to see Ken.  Ken and I lived by our same "We're on Vacation" rules.  We ate out every meal. (Salads, gyros (on homemade pitas), authentic tacos, best little Chinese around, Caputos.... ahhhh.... the works.) We were loud and goofy in public. We saw who could splash the biggest in the pool.  We wore pajamas in the middle of the day.  Heck!  We're on vacation.
Then, when Ken would go to work I would put on my Hawaiian shirt and hit the town.  "I'm on Vacation!"  One day Julie came up and we swam with the babies.  One day we went to IKEA (where I ate really good and really cheap pizza) and Ross (where I didn't eat any pizza at all--- but was really hungry.)  One afternoon Kole and I hit the City Library.  Which.  Was.  Huge.  6 LEVELS!  Aye Kamamma!  The parking garage was 2 stories.  We're talking reader's paradise.  The very bottom level was my favorite and was for the kiddies.  All the doors were small and kid sized.  They have special nooks with themes that kids can go in to and read.  Like one was an attic, one was an ice cave, one was a robot factory.  It was phenomenal.  I love it when something is geared that much towards kids.  I mean I wish the Pleasant Hills Public Library had that when I was growing up.  I would have felt much cooler being a reader.  Now I just know reading is cool no matter what you say.  I spent an hour or so down there looking at picture books with Old King Kole.  "We're on vacation!"
I also spent some of my vacation in the Salt Lake Cemetery.  I happened upon it by mistake- but when I pulled in I figured I was on vacation and could spend some time walking around in there.  (The weather was SO nice.  We didn't even wear coats.)  So I'm walking around the cemetery and wouldn't you know it?  ALL the prophets are buried there!  I was so surprised and really excited.  John Taylor, Heber J. Grant, Wilford Woodruff (and wives), David O McKay.  I couldn't find any of the real modern ones but Ken said their headstones probably weren't as big and elaborate as the older prophets.  Those old headstones were at least 12 feet tall. 
Hmmm.  I like to read and enjoy spending time in cemeteries.  Winner!

Interesting fact- Kole has inherited our "We're on vacation" motto.  I'd say it's a combined "We're on vacation" mixed with "I'M A PARTY ANIMAL!!!"  He didn't sleep in his crib.  He slept in between me and Ken. (Romantic.) I just figured he was saying "I'm on vacation and this is where I want to sleep."  He didn't take any naps."I'm on vacation!  I'm not wasting any time on a dumb nap."  He stayed up late. Like 11.  "I'm on vacation!  Time doesn't matter!"  And you know... he was in the best mood.  So giggly.  He knew it was vacation.  The first night, after a failed attempt to get him to sleep in a porta-crib I brought him into bed with us.  And everything was so so funny.  We got all settled in and then Ken rolled a little bit and Kole busted a gut.  I re-situated and that set him off too.  If Ken breathed funny the child went wild.  By the end of the trip you could blink and Kole would be in hysterics.  I think that is called delirium.  But, that's what you do on vacation.
We came home Wednesday.  Kole fell asleep at 7:30 and got up a 9:30 the next morning.  Was back in bed at 11.  Slept until 1:30.  Went down again at 3 and slept until 6.
So- yeah- vacation is great but dang it feels good to be home.


Brett and Tiffany said...

Sounds like a fun "vacation"! We have been to that cemetary and I think almost all of the prophets are buried there. We drove around it one year at Conference and kept finding all of their headstones...pretty neat cemetary! Glad you enjoyed your time down there!

Anonymous said...

A vacation sounds good right about now!!! *SIGH* too bad our kids have to be at home during the week. Lucky you that you can play all week long:)

And can I just say that I am SO jealous of Koles sleep schedule at home??!!! Tinian likes attention on him, all the time. who needs sleep? I'm glad Kole was so happy on the vacay without a lot of sleep:)

Julia said...

Those ARE some magical words. Three other very magical words in our house are ,"It's the weekend!" Which basically translates to "Let's pig out!" I love vacation and the weekend. And I loved spending time you you and Koler too!

Karlenn said...

Argh! I wish I could have talked to you today! You were too far away. :) So I'm glad to hear about your vaycay. I really do love Salt Lake. It was fun living there. Soooo many things to do. Cool that you went into that old cemetary! I really like hanging out in cemetaries, too. I'm glad that Kole was an agreeable bed partner. None of my kids have been good bed partners.

Lyner said...

Sounds like an awesome vacation. Way fun. It was good seeing you yesterday. Perhaps I will see you this Sunday?

Andrea Hernandez said...

I love that phrase! We're in for a wild ride when I come in April everytime we drop those 3 words!