Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Winning the Jackpot

My littlest sister, Andi Candy Girl, has won the jackpot in every imaginable way.  She is out of this world beautiful.  And has incredible INCREDIBLE style.  You know those pictures in magazines where models are dressed in these super hot outfits and you think "Yeah, but I could never wear that."  Andi can.  And she looks spectacular. 
She also scored big time with her hunk of a hubby who is absolutely perfect for her.  Her husband poses for photo shoots, brings her ice cream in bed, write songs on the guitar... what a man.  They are each other's perfect match.  He is really sophisticated.  He is also a native Mexican.  I was skyping with Andi and I told Rodrigo that he looked sophisticated.  He didn't know what that word meant so Andi explained it as "Sexy Smart."  I thought sophisticated was more brother-in-law appropriate but he understood the compliment much better after Andi's description.  They live in the coolest house in Monterrey Mexico.  I know, right?  Hot all year- lime trees in the back yard- all that great Mexican food.  Ahhhhh.  To be Andi.
For work- she teaches at a private school.  She teaches how to use Mac computers and (temporarily) teaches Language Arts.  She is Young Women's president in her ward.  She is an outstanding photographer.  With a wildly successful business, DoublClik.

The woman has it all at the mere age of 24.
You know how else she has totally scored the jackpot? 
           .....well besides having me as her sister..... hehehehe

She made a Mormon Messages video and hers was picked as a finalist.  She is in the top 10!  Talk about talent.  Talk about a major score!  The winner is picked by public vote.  Do I even need to ask?  Here is Andi-Girl's message to you.  Read the message.  Watch the video.  Love it.  Vote.

Hello All!

I have received good news from the Latter-Day Saint "Mormon Message" Video Contest!
My entry "Stand Tall" has been made a top 10 finalist in the US/Canada Amateur category!
A "Visitor's Choice" and second round of judging starts today and will be open for 2 weeks. Visitor's choice voting will close on Monday, April 4th.
You can access the following link: http://classic.lds.org/visitorschoice

Access the Amateur-US&Canada category will you will see my "Stand Tall" message along with 9 others that made the cut.
Check the box "This is one of my favorites", at the bottom you will see "Next". You can only vote once!
An award of $500 will be given to the winner of Visitor's Choice in each category. 2nd round of judging will also reward $500 to 3 entries in each category.

Spread the message!

Much Thanks,
Andrea Hernandez


DoublClik said...

I am blushing and smiling! What a kind post to bookmark and just read over and over, hahahaa. I love you Patty, loved talking last night, and love that you like me so much!

Besos to mi hermana!

Karlenn said...

I love that first pic of her! Well, and the second pic, too. But what I was going to say is that you Bradley girls sure know how to do the belt thing. I look so retarded trying to do the belt thing. I tried to wear a belt over something the other day, and Ben laughed so hard at me. Blah. Anywho. I hopped on over and watched the video and voted. Good luck, Andi!

Lyner said...

Very awesome! She is gorgeous! I love her style. Every now and then I will go to her website just to look at her clothes. Very nice video!

DoublClik said...

Thanks so much Lindsay, you swing by anytime