Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Got Schooled

One closet can take several days to clean out.... especially if there happens to be yearbooks or boxes of pictures stored in there.  I found a big box of pictures and have been parked in one spot going through them and smiling and laughing.  Enjoy some Patty Classics from School Picture Day! 

Kindergarten.  This may be my all-time favorite.  That big black bow had diamonds on it and was made of silk!  

5th grade.  Ruler of the School!
6th grade.  I remember I specifically wanted to wear an outfit that matched the bands on my braces.  Which were pink at the time.  That explains the pink country-style body suit I was wearing.  I'm afraid there is no explanation for the vest.  Other than I loved that vest.  May I also comment on the very statuesque collar bone I have here.  Gorgeous.  Very Somewhere In Time.
 8th grade.  Can you tell I got contacts and was allowed to wear makeup?  I felt so pretty and confident this day.  (Just go with me here.)  I stole the shirt out of my sister Krissy's closet and felt like a grown up.  
Line up boys!
(Later I got in boo-ko trouble... because Krissy also wore this shirt for her school picture and when my pictures came back.... well.... it was obvious I stole it for a day.  Pretty damning evidence.  Didn't think that through at the time.)


Julia said...

YESSSSSS!!!!! p.s. both number 2 and 3 were bodysuit tops. But that is how it was back then.

Anonymous said...

Hehe! These were fun to look at! I used to wear body suits too! I remember I had a pink one like yours. My pictures were always so scary! lol I love your kindergarten one:)

Patty said...

@Julia- I know! I wanted to say that but I didn't know if people besides our family knew what they were. Like a onesie for adults?

@Megan- Scary and enjoyable!

DoublClik said...

Hahahha yessssss, nice anecdote on krissy, I didn't know that!

Rachel said...

My 6th grade picture looked just like yours (bangs, braces, glasses). Except I was rocking a silk hyper-colored shirt. Doesn't get much better than that.

Rita Westerbeck said...
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Rita Westerbeck said...

Patty, you look so adorable! Cute as always!