Monday, July 11, 2011

Wud Up Gangsta!

I don't hide in corners.  It's not my style.  I try to live openly.  And honestly.  But there are some things I just keep secret.  One such thing- that I have been dwelling on lately.... I just have to let it out.
My affinity for rap music.
I know it doesn't go with my nurturing roots, mothering style, or top-notch spic n span home.  You probably thought I blasted Michael Bolton all day.
Nay nay.
I am in love with 50 Cent.
I thought I was over it but this weekend I had to run to the grocery store and got to go by myself.  No baby.  (Those babies want to go everywhere with you.)  And I could not resist the temptation.
In went Fiddy.
Up went the bass.
I loved it like a fat kid loves cake.

It was enchanting.
Plus... he's got such a handsome face.

He's an incredible lyricist.  I'm an incredible sing/rap-a-long-ist.
We make a pretty good team.

And I bought the CD at Walmart... oh so many years ago so there was really very little swearing.

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

I like Ice T as an actor on Law & Order but that is as far as I will go. Rap has lyrics that I can't stand. Now, I don't like Michael Bolten but I can't listen to songs about "b*tches" and "beatings" etc. And I have tried because I thought my kids liked it too. Turns out they don't either.

My feeling is to each his own - if you like it then that is awesome and go for it. Music is such a great thing. Listen to what you want and enjoy! It is what it is all about.