Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hold Onto Your Butts.

If you believe in witch-doctorey than you believe that I no longer have a brain tumor!  Hip Hip Hooray!  Come to my party!  Send me a cake!  It was the craziest thing.
There is a woman in my ward who is a big believer in angels and healing and some things that you really have to think outside of the box for.  Things I have always viewed with a high level of skepticism.  Me and Tammy T. (that's her name) were talking one Sunday and she said she knew a Healer and I should come get my problems taken care of. "Oh sure!" is what my mouth said. "Get real!" is what my head said. I had absolutely no intention of following through.  Tammy followed through.  Relentlessly.  Maybe I'm more of a quitter someone who likes to back down after one no.  Or I at least have a keen sense of social protocol so I back down after 2... maybe three if I really feel strongly about something.  Tammy never backed down.  She never took no for an answer. One week I was in Salt Lake, one week I was in Rigby.  One week I just said it wasn't a good day.  She kept calling!  I told my thoughtful and empathizing husband about my problem and he said I got myself into this predicament and there was nothing he could do to help.  It's obvious why I love this man to smithereens.  Last week- I was home.  And she called.  And said I had an appointment with "The Healer" at 3:30.  Ugh.  The last thing I wanted was some nutball smacking my forehead and telling me I was healed and was no longer possessed by devils.  But to end it all I said, "Great!"  While my mind said, "I hate my life."
When we got there he was visiting with/healing someone so I had to wait. Tammy started telling me more about this guy.  He was from Rexburg.  Strike One.  She met him in a grocery store. Strike Two.  You might be thinking that everyone needs to get groceries- that shouldn't be a strike.  Yes every one needs groceries but it just seems so commonplace.  It would have been much cooler if she met him in a Wardrobe in Narnia or on the Path to Mordor or maybe at the Three Broomsticks.  She was mid sentence when I was summoned in.  Honestly, I was expecting long white beard, glassed over eyes, shaky voice, bony hands with warts, a staff, flowing robes, and maybe some dry ice. 
He was nothing like that.
He stood about 6 feet tall.  Green sweatshirt, light blue Levis,cowboy boots, a rather Santa-looking belly.  Balding. He did have rather large eyes and big hands.  I thought "That is sorta' healer-y."
He shook my hand and stared at the wall.
There was actually a lot of wall staring.  That's how he heals.  He told me I had a brain tumor.  I figured Tammy told him.  He knew the dimensions. Freaaaaaakkky.
"You have my attention."  I said with a smirk.
We talked tumor for a minute and then he said, "Let's just get rid of it right now."
You can make fun of me all you want but I was like- this man is honestly going to get rid of my tumor! 
And then....
He made me a believer.
The lights started to flicker, the TV went off and on. The man started to shake and his eyes rolled back in his head.  My hair stood on end.  Spooky music came out of nowhere!
Really he just stared at the wall and then very anticlimactically stated, "It's gone."
I did get the chills.  It felt like it really was and IS gone.
I felt totally relieved.  No more expensive medicine, no more fertility problems, no more tumor!  How wonderful.
Of course the only scientific way to prove that it is gone and this man IS actually a healer would be to get a MRI and when I asked Ken if I could he simply stated:

"You've been drinking too much of the Kool-Aid."


Karlenn said...

I have been too shy to talk about this on my blog! I swear he made me feel sooo much better that last week before I went into labor. I actually felt like a totally normal person. Which was a very big deal at that time. It's true everything I said, huh? That he stares at the wall, that it's very anticlimactic.... I'm dying to know if it's gone. I sure hope so.

Gramma n Grampa said...

I also hope more then anything it's gone. But the Debbie downer in me says, Ok so why isn't Tammy healed, why isn't Spencer healed, etc etc etc.
I love you Patty and I want it gone so I'm sending positive thoughts and prayers.

Megann said...

I'm gonna let my secret out. I've been to the healer too! Actually I originally took Libby, but then he asked if I wanted to be healed and so he did us both.
My experience was a lot like yours and Karlenn's. My knee was hurting at the time. He did his staring-at-the-wall thingey and I felt a little tingle in my knee. He asked, "Did you feel that?" Yes. My knee didn't hurt for a few days afterwards.
I'm still skeptical about it and haven't gone back because I was a little too uncomfortable. Maybe it was my lack of faith!
Good for you for going!!!

Rachel said...

is this healer Dr. Mellor by any chance? Because he's my favorite witch doctor in Rexburg and you pretty much described him. He has healed me many-a-times.

andrea.hernandez said...

Did I tell you when I went to a quantum medicine doctor here? I was strapped in velcro around my ankles and forehead lookin' at tranquilizing screen savers on her outdated PC! She was using Netscape Navigator to show me a 3D graphic of my spine to cure allergies. I mean if you're into the power of the mind to heal--it's a sweet deal. But I wasn't into the self motivation messages I was supposed to say every morning in the mirror. Yeah just, give me the sugar pills and I'll get this going in full placebo effect.

Anonymous said...

I'm dying to know if it's gone too. I'm not sure I believe in that stuff. I think it's all just a placebo. I totally believe in placebo's:) hehe

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Tammy has hooked so many of you (it sounds like!) haha As soon as you started this post I knew you were talking about Tammy. Too funny! I am not sure about witch drs, but I sure hope the tumor is gone, either way!

Jess @ Veganomics-101 said...

Your blog is so cute, PatPat!

Heal yourself. Watch 'Food Matters' It's available on netflix for instant viewing. :)