Monday, March 28, 2011

Lesson Learned.

Around Groundhog's Day I got a bird feeder for the backyard. I love having a bird feeder.  My mom says it's the perfect way to have a pet.  Birds being your pet.  When we first moved into our house there were 5 or 6 bird feeders and just as many houses.  We had our own aviary back there.  But, over the last 5 years- the birds have migrated.  Part of that was probably Rusty, part of it was Ken slowly (and secretly) throwing away the feeders and the houses.  Last summer he even threw out the birdbath.  I missed all my little birdies.  So!  I took matters into my own hands and got a new feeder.  No birds showed up.  Nothing.  I watched and watched.  Nothing.  I went out and sprinkled some food on the ground hoping maybe they would smell it.  (?)  Nothing.  I figured all of the birds must have been traumatized in some way and have made personal vows never to come back to my yard.  I told Ken about my dilemma.  After making fun of me for calling the lack of birds in our yard a dilemma he said that it was winter and birds just aren't around.  But I knew he was wrong.  I hear them chirping in other people's yards!  Some birds stay and need food!  I have their food!  Come and eat it!
Well, a couple weeks ago I finally had some visitors.  Squirrels!  I was so happy!  There were 3 or 4 of them that would scramble around the yard and chase each other and then stop for a little picnic.  They would lounge on the branches and make squirrel sounds to each other.  They looked so relaxed.  I considered bringing out little umbrella drinks for them.  You know, so they would feel like they were really on vacation.  Ken was not excited when I told him about the action I was getting on the feeder.
I did not understand why people were so against squirrels eating their bird food.  Come on!  It's all nature!  You're putting it out there.  Help where you can.  If the squirrels need it let them eat it.  I wasn't about to hang a garbage can lid over my feeder or put little pointy edges on it.  I wouldn't even hang a No Tresspassing sign next to the feeder.  No way.  Not this girl. I welcomed all to my abode. 
Plus!  The squirrelies were really entertaining.  They could hang upside down and eat.  They would jump from one tree to the nest tree to the feeder to the next tree.  It was hilarious!  Ken continued to warn me that the squirrels were bad news but I figured he just didn't like the idea of some squirrels mooching off our property.  Yeah, that's a Ken thing. 
So, as the days passed a bird or two came too.  I knew all it took were the squirrelies to lead the way.  There was tons of activity out there.  Me and Koley would just sit at the window and watch.  One morning I saw the seed was getting pretty low (it was empty) and I decided during Kole's nappy I would go fill it up again.  Well.  I grab my bag of seed, go out there and am shocked by what I see.
Those squirrels ruined my feeder!  I looked past the muddy paw marks all over it- a little dirt never hurt.  But the chewing.  They have chewed around the entire rim.  Nay!  They chewed off the entire rim!  They cracked 5 of the 6 foot-holds for the birds.  I am sure by doing their "acrobatics."  And, AND!  When they couldn't reach the seed in the very bottom they chewed through the plastic and made new holes.  It's so gnarled and mangled.  And ugly!  No wonder no birds want to come eat at Patty's Bird Paradise Cafe.  It's been vandalized by all that squirreling around.
You know, you put your hand out to help, you trust those squirrels, and you wind up burned.  They walk all over you.  Sure, those squirrels looked really cute and I had fun watching them but I bet if I asked them if they chewed up my bird feeder they would all say it wasn't them.
Dirty, rotten, lying squirells.


Lyner said...

I have a confession. I do not like squirrels and I am kind of scared of them. I am pathetic. Yes, this is a lesson learned :)

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

I remember growing up there was this lady who use to trap squirrels and it always traumatized me thinking of what she did to them. haha Hopefully your feeder can be saved!

DoublClik said...

I want to know WHAT you googled to get that cartoon graphic, hahahha

Patty Cakes said...

I googled "Bad squirrel." HAHA!

Karlenn said...

Those little punks. I used to feed our squirrels if we had leftover nuts or sunflower seeds from making dinners, but when we got Xena the Warrior Princess, I got worried she would kill them, or that she would eat my offerings and barf all over my floors, so I stopped. They don't hang around anymore. Because of Xenie. Oh well.